Holby City: The one with the unexploded device

ric holby(Series 15, ep.47)  In light of the title of this post, I think we’d better put on our blast-proof clothing and go straight to AAU, where a patient was brought in with Something embedded in his chest. Dr Posh was assigned to talk to the patient’s brother to try to get a clue about what it could be.

Prior to this, Dr Posh had annoyed Ric Griffin by being unexcited at the prospect of watching him perform an appendectomy. Posh was disappointed to learn that the procedure was going to be a ground-breaking, first-for-Holby, laser type of thing, but it was too late – Ric gave the gig to Dr Honey instead.

Posh discovered that the embedded Something was an unexploded rocket of some kind, and the army were duly called. Soon AAU was resembling outtakes from The Hurt Locker, with Dr Honey and Edward Campbell getting kitted out in helmets and body armour to go in and change the blood bags and keep the patient monitored. I loved how Serena looked just a tiny tad worried that her ex was in peril.  

harry holbyThey decided the device couldn’t be moved and they coudn’t do anything else for the patient, who would therefore die. Dr Posh took it upon himself to take the brother in to say goodbye, and while they were there (without body armour) the machines started beeping etc and Posh ended up with his hand embedded in the patient’s chest with everyone getting Very Cross Indeed because they now had no option but to operate and remove the device, otherwise Posh could explode at any second.

So poor old Ric had to come in and sort everything out. That man’s hand doesn’t shake even under the most intense pressure – if he gets bored with medicine he could always fall back on a career in bomb disposal. Posh was shaking like a leaf once his hand was free of the gloop – he actually did look like he was in shock (good acting, Mr Knight).

Ric was understandably a bit aggrieved that he’d had to risk life and limb thanks to his junior colleague, but Edward Campbell told him to cut the young ’un some slack because they need mavericks like Harry. “We were Harry once,” he said, though I should think by the time Ric was Harry’s age he’d already been married at least twice. You can’t just go around disobeying your superiors and the army, though. “Serena wants my bits,” said Posh, “Probably washed down with a fine Shiraz.” Snork.

elliot holbyOn Darwin, Prof Hope was in a very bad mood indeed. Jonny thought it was because of Psych Sharon going back to the US. “The dog’s more of a loss than Sharon,” Jac said accurately. Oh, if only there was a way that two adorable puppies could be brought onto the ward, with one of them suddenly requiring a loving home. It would be even cuter if they were named after members of Take That. Actually it was very cute, and Elliot looked very happy with little Gary, so well done Jonny and Jac.

Pregnancy watch: Jonny has started buying little baby garments (squeeee!), but Jac says she’ll talk about baby stuff “when hell freezes over.” Hell may be cooling faster than she’d like if the spoilers are to be believed (my advice: don’t read the spoilers).

digby hanssen holbyDigby let pressure get the better of him when he went down a diagnostic cul-de-sac and ended up with a very ill patient indeed. Then he had a panic attack. He spoke his own brains when he told his patient, “If your job makes you this ill, is it worth it?” and decided to tell Hanssen that all the stress was a bit much. Before he could say anything, Hanssen (wearing a shirt that was so white it was dazzling to the human eye) told him that he was the official, approved and only candidate for Doctor of the Year.

His approval rating with Chantelle is somewhat lower than it is with Hanssen, as he failed to join her in a mediation meeting with Cameron, who mugged them.

Next time: Jac’s 20 week scan *worried face*

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5 responses to “Holby City: The one with the unexploded device

  1. holbylover819

    I loved the bit when Brian the bomb disposal man told Ric to “keep it steady” and Ric looked at him like “I’m a surgeon, my hands are renowned for it.” Also, I didn’t understand why firstly, Harry even tried to attempt CPR which was practically suicide, why he couldn’t just take his hands away really gently or why he thought putting ungloved hands into a patient was appropriate.
    Holby seemed to go a bit crazy that day, working in descending order, dogs on Darwin, Digby and Chantelle being left in charge Malick seemingly forgotten what happened last time, and people being assigned to completely the wrong jobs on AAU. Why send Gemma into the theatre when she has a son instead or Harry who has no such responsibilities and probably would’ve been less nervous or at least Ric who seemed more willing. If Gemma had been with the patient she would’ve got the whole story in two seconds.
    And I actually found myself agreeing with Mary-Claire for once. I told this might the episode Harry becomes more likeable but he put too many people’s lives at risk. Lucky for him the boy actually survived and the bomb didn’t go off.

  2. Sarah

    I think I spent half the episode calling Harry a moron, idiot, stupid, etc. How stupid do you have to be to do that? Really? And I do dangerous stuff, so coming from me, it must be stupid to do that 😉

    Jac and Jonny were funny though – the moment Jonny stood on the Darwin corridor having been caught with the dogs had me laughing.

    Digby needs to address this anxiety thing before it really does screw him up; if Hanssen doesn’t know about the panic attacks, how can he possibly do anything about it?

    And, yes, I loved the worried and strangely scared look on Serena’s face when Edward volunteered himself. I keep thinking they are like my parents were – hurt, childish and totally lying to themselves!

  3. Dreamer

    So three of our favourite characters are leaving 😦 , and Gemma too. Didn’t watch these last two episodes, so your reviews were very much helpful. 🙂

  4. Emma

    Does it sound completely heartless that I wouldn’t have minded Posh being blown to smithereens? Anything to stop the puppy-dog eyes between him and Dr Honey through the glass window in theatre. For the record, that window needs a name. With capital letters.
    And made the mistake of reading spoilers. Have thus ruined any attempt to be all academic this week and reach my deadlines.

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