Casualty: Lily learns empathy and Tom has a love rival

casualty 1(Series 28, ep.5) Nothing’s ever simple on Casualty, is it? A girl steals a car and blacks out while driving too fast, causing a bus to crash and topple over. You’d think there’d be enough material there to keep the average A&E department busy stitching, resuscitating, plaster casting and all the other stuff they do, but at Holby it’s always got to be more complicated than that. The girl who steals the car has cancer, and her mother also happens to be in hospital, because her little brother gave Mum an overdose of her “relaxing” medication because she’s been so stressed about her ill daughter. The bus crash involves a man who wanted to speak to the daughter he’d abandoned…

Oh, do you know what, I don’t have time to describe all the ins and outs of the patient plots. It’s the staff I’m interested in really, and the cancer girl was there mainly to teach Dr Lily Chao a lesson in empathy. Nurse Rita was assigned to help with this, because she’s good at empathy, apparently. Lily discovered that her patient’s dearest wish (apart from “to snog Harry Styles,” which mystified me a bit as she looked more like the Alex Turner type to me) was to go back home. So Lily arranged it, and then got shouted at by Ash for not following protocol.

Another one who didn’t follow protocol was new paramedic Iain, who dashed back to the blazing bus to rescue someone. He’s used to this kind of high-risk activity, what with being in the army and that. There are a lot of people who’ve been in the army, obviously, and Army Dr Sam is one of them – and is it pure coincidence that Sam and Iain used to be in the same bit of the army, and apparently there was a bit of a “thing” between them? It made Dr Tom Kent go all frowny and insecure, particularly as he’d just asked Sam to move in with him, and I sense he’s right to be worried. She doesn’t seem 100% committed to the world’s prettiest emergency paediatrician.

Tess, meanwhile, was keeping her head down and trying not to look at Fletch too much.

Next time: An upturned ambulance with Jeff on board. Careful of his teeth!

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3 responses to “Casualty: Lily learns empathy and Tom has a love rival

  1. Dreamer

    There’s something…sinister about Tom. His temper seems to be a bit short these days.

  2. Tom is a strange one, you’re right Dreamer…he was so lovely back in the beginning but he seems a bit..weird? and not good weird either…

    Thought I’d jog your memory PLA, did you ever watch the episode with Sam’s GMC trial? Iain was called to testify in that, he also happened to have had an affair with Sam which sort of led to the end of Sam and Dylan’s marriage. But it is incredibly coincidental he ended up in Holby…

    • pauseliveaction

      I didn’t see that episode. I missed quite a lot of episodes for one reason or another, and only started watching it again regularly recently. So thanks for filling me in about Iain!

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