Holby City: I need you. No I don’t

sacha chrissie holby(Series 15, ep.46)  If we hold this episode up against my patented PLA Relationship-o-meter™ we find Serena/Edward and Jac/Jonny going up, while Elliot/Sharon and Chrissie/Sacha (especially Chrissie/Sacha) plummet.

In a way, it makes me feel a bit cross that I was so happy about the fairytale Christmas episode where Chrissie failed to get on the ImagineAir flight to Sydney and Sacha hurtled all the way to Stansted on the back of Jac’s motorbike, and it was snowing and everything was romantic and twinkly. Because ever since then, Chrissie and Sacha have not made each other happy. Apart from when he got stabbed and Chrissie fed him quiche in a desperate attempt to keep him alive, Sacha has been nothing but a disappointment to Chrissie and she’s wasted no opportunity to agree with anybody who offered the opinion that she could do far better than him. And despite the thrill of knowing he’s married to a woman so beautiful that it has to be remarked upon by everyone who meets her, Sacha has really had only insecurity and a lack of proper emotional connection throughout the relationship.

This week Chrissie discovered that her cancer is not as bad as she was fearing, and the outlook is reasonably good. I can understand her not wanting to throw a party and scream “Hurrah!” from the rooftops, because obviously she’s still terrified about her future and about Daniel etc. But where my patience runs a bit thin is the way she treats Sacha. Come home, she says. I need somebody there. But on the other hand – don’t think things will be the same as before (i.e. it’s not going to be the same as the first week we were married, before I realised I could have done a lot better and you started going to Fit Club with Mo because she was 100% more fun than me). On second thoughts – don’t come home at all. “I can’t do complicated,” she sighed. Darling, you can’t do anything else.  

jonny jac holbyMeanwhile, up on Darwin, Jonny Mac was getting all assertive with Jac. “The whole biker chick look – you really think that’s going to work for you when you’re an egg on legs?” he said, risking a smack in the mouth. But he’s decided that he’s got to have some say in what happens to Jaccy Maccy Jr, so he told her the motorbike must be mothballed while she’s pregnant. And, do you know what? She didn’t kill him. She actually smiled. This is perfectly consistent with Jac’s character. She’s always liked people who stand up to her (Joseph, Oliver Valentine, even Tara and Sahira occasionally). I love how Rosie Marcel and the scriptwriters are handling Jac’s pregnancy. She’s a little bit warmer and smilier – but not too much. There was a lovely exchange with Psych Sharon, who’d been speaking to a patient. “He’s egotistical, narcissistic, hedonistic, with no moral compass,” said Sharon. “You make it sound like those are bad characteristics,” said Jac.

elliot holbyThis patient was a prisoner whose only friend seemed to be the prison warder who was chained to him. The chain proved to be a problem when the patient needed shocking and the key wasn’t available, but there’s always a silver lining and in this case getting a wee electric shock exposed the fact that the guard had a heart condition himself.

This relationship between guard and patient was mainly there to clarify a decision that Elliot had to make. Should he throw caution to the wind and go with Psych Sharon to the USA? “But what about the future of the Herzig?” I hear you ask, as indeed someone did ask during the episode. Jac was more than willing to step up and replace the Professor, but in the end he decided that work was dearer to his heart than Psych Sharon, and she went of to America on her own, after first confessing that she’d run Samson over a tiny bit. Well, she wouldn’t be Psych Sharon if she didn’t get some “closure.”

Where one relationship door closes, another opens. It turns out that Edward Campbell’s relationship with his child bride “Milly Molly Mandy” (“It’s Mindy, actually”) is over. But so was his short stay at the hospital. Except – a trial of the new pet project of Primary Defence (which seems to involve doing a little operation, leaving the patient with a gaping wound then going back to do a bigger operation later) was a great success, so Edward now finds himself with a six week contract to help Ric take the plan forward. Serena pretended to be displeased, but she loves him really. And I must say, after my initial disappointment that he wasn’t being played by Aidan Gillen but the similarly named Aden Gillett, I’m pleased too.

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14 responses to “Holby City: I need you. No I don’t

  1. Collins1965

    I’m really showing my age here but I must say that I find Edward (who I am sure will turn out to be a real rotter and break Serena’s heart AGAIN) so much more attractive than I do pretty boy Harry, who has no real depth or charm whatsoever imho!!

    Great review, as always, PLA. I loved the Jac comment to psych Sharon, too!!

    • pauseliveaction

      I agree re Edward. He seemed a bit of a dick when he first appeared, but I’m definitely warming to him, and Aden Gillett and Catherine Russell seem to work really well together. As for Dr Posh – ugh. What a sexist, ageist little troll he was being this week. If “handsome is as handsome does,” that boy is not handsome at all.

    • Lou

      I’m in my early twenties and would take Edward over Harry any day.

      Great review as always too!

  2. Does anyone actually know what Primary Defence consists of, I’ve never actually understood that concept?????

    • pauseliveaction

      All I understood from it was what was in the review – they do the minimum op possible, stick a bit of cling film over it, and when you’re feeling up to major surgery they get stuck back in again. I think it’s a made-up concept, like the Herzig 3 and Camoxidan, but I’m sure if it’s real someone will let me know.

      • Dreamer

        I looked it up to make sure, and there’s no such thing as PD ops. However, primary and secondary defences do exist in terms of immune response and also in some psychological aspects. There could be more but I had to stop the research or else I’d become obsessed. 😦

      • OK, thanks for that, I understand it better now 🙂

  3. Maria

    Witty and entertaining review as always PLA, I am with you on Chrissie, I lost my patience with her towards the end. I agree with others, I didn’t like Edward much when he first arrived but he’s growing on me and Serena/Edward banter is far more entertaining than watching the Gemma/Harry tosh, their pairing has no chemistry and the writers have not been convincing here. Also, trying to find out about Primary Defence system is bugging me but to no avail, sounds something out of Star Wars.

  4. I remember the lovely Aden Gillett from The House of Eliot and I think he’s improved with age.

  5. holbylover819

    Hmm, Jac seemed a little too impressed with the prisoner and the idea of robbing a bank. I totally blame her for the whole Chrissie/Sacha problem (they don’t even deserve a mashup!). If she hadn’t given Chrissie that surprisingly cogent speech, given the amount of beers consumed at the stag do, about how she should not marry Sacha if she was going to hurt him, she would’ve never married Sacha.

  6. I really don’t understand the whole ‘taming of the shrew’ thing that Holby have going on at the moment – the ‘strong woman being tamed by a man’ dynamic, which seems to happen quite a lot. Maybe that’s what viewers want, but I just don’t get it. I can just about stomach Edward and Serena because there is some interesting history there, but ‘Janny’ is just sickening to me. I find their dynamic unbelievable, cringeworthy and slightly offensive. Jac has always been one of my favourite characters – I like her spunk, and I like that on top of it all she’s a really good surgeon – and I don’t understand what she sees in Jonny at all. He completely cramps her style, he doesn’t respect her as a professional (he’s always trying to interject when she’s trying to do something, and I think the vast majority of the time she knows best) and is he even a good nurse? We rarely see him doing his job; the majority of the time he’s making silly comments and trying to swoon Jac.

    I don’t mind Jac having a man in her life, but I think that the way this is being gone about is just not enjoyable for a number of reasons. Firstly, Jonny has been introduced purely as a love interest for Jac, and that never works – anyone remember Jessica Harrison? Psych Sharon, for example, might have been only a recurring character with the primary emphasis on being Elliot’s love interest, but she had her own function within the show – she was very involved with a lot of patients, and with Oliver’s storyline. Apart from the Jac thing, Jonny doesn’t really have anything apart from banter with Mo, which I don’t find that interesting either. The other reason I don’t think this is working is because I don’t think that Jac would let a man treat her like that, and I don’t think that the show should be endorsing it either. What right does he have to try to control her life, and especially to throw out her property behind her back? I wouldn’t mind them showing things like that, except I get the feeling we’re supposed to be on Jonny’s side about it. I don’t think Jac is the type to go for a controlling man, and if I was in her place I’d actually go to HR and complain. I think his behaviour is completely unprofessional in the workplace.

    I don’t mind Jac having a love interest storyline. I wouldn’t even mind her having a man who softened her a bit, but there are ways of doing it that are less forced. Compare them to Ruth and Jay in Casualty, who were both likeable, both had weaknesses that you could identify with, actually had some things in common with one another and their storyline was done slowly and in a more subtle way. I don’t see why Jac is suddenly supposed to swoon over this man that has not shown anything special that I can see.

    Does anyone else feel like that? From reading comments, I feel as though I’m the only one.

    • Bethany

      I don’t think she would have let Joseph get away with it. (We know Jac forgives Jonny because they have a light hearted storyline next week). I really miss the old Jac when she would let nobody push her around, however I do like Janny as well, but I would really love to have ‘evil’ Jac back instead of this horrendously normal person we have at the moment, which I except may be due to the hormones. Jac is, and forever will be, my favourite character, and I do want her to have a love life, however I would like a storyline that is focused on something else apart from that. I think the writers did this terrifically with what happened with her mother; if I were one of the writers, I would have been more than tempted to include Joseph in Jac’s moment of weakness to get him to soften for her, but then that would have taken the limelight away from the central story – so the integration of others like Sacha and Michael, just friends, was what was needed. On the subject of friends, who else is missing Jacha? The writers seem to be pushing for Mocha at the moment, which is fine, but just not the same. I expect a relationship is on the cards for those too after Chrissie goes, but I do hope Mo doesn’t take over the best friend position, as I hope that is always reserved for Jac.

      • I don’t mind Jac having a weak spot; I agree that the thing with her mother was done splendidly, and so were some of her scenes with Joseph (who I didn’t like, but I could understand her attraction to him.) I don’t understand her attraction to Jonny at all, I don’t feel that he respects her or trusts her an inch.

      • pauseliveaction

        I think what Jac gets from Jonny (which is what she also gets from Sacha, but most definitely did not get from Joseph) is his ordinariness. There was a scene at Christmastime where Jac admitted she’d never decorated a Christmas tree, for example. Jonny has had a normal, happy life and done all the usual things that people take for granted, but that Jac hasn’t had because of her mother and her dysfunctional background. Jac has substituted ambition and work for happiness. She’s built a shell around herself and in general guards it ruthlessly.

        She lets Sacha and Jonny get closer to her because both of them are very open people. They don’t have a hidden agenda and they approach her with love and honesty. I don’t feel that Jonny is trying to change her. He has a vested interest in the welfare of his child and I think putting her helmet in the bin was just meant to be a little comedy moment and a symbol that she’s having to change because you just do when you’re pregnant. Life isn’t just about you any more.

        I think the “old” Jac is still there, as evidenced by her dialogue with Psych Sharon and Jonny this week. She’s a very consistent character, but that doesn’t mean she has to stay exactly the same. People do change as they get older, have new experiences, meet different people. I think the writers and Rosie have been brilliant in achieving this.