Casualty: I’ll see what I can find out

fletch casualty 2(Series 28, ep. 4)  Tess was back at work this week, and because she can’t cope with Fletch as well as coping with the idea that she’s just terminated her pregnancy while he was on a family holiday with his wife and kids, she dumped him. If I was her I’d have dumped him for not noticing my drastically different hairstyle, but that’s me for you. Fletch said he loved her, but did she crumble and swoon? Maybe inwardly, but outwardly she said she didn’t feel the same.

There were two lots of patients to be dealt with (there were others, but they were all vomiting and bleeding in their own time and are no concern of ours).

fletch casualtyIn an echo of one of my favourite films, the truly strange and beautiful Birth, there was a boy who claimed to be the reincarnation of a posh lady’s brother. He knew details about the lady’s house and about the brother and it was all very odd – was he a con artist? Or a ghost? “I’ll see what I can find out,” Rita promised the lady and asked Fletch what he thought. “I’ll see what I can find out,” he said, and asked Tess. “I’ll see what I can find out,” said Tess.

What they found out, eventually, between them, was that the boy was the grandson of the brother’s former fiancée (are you following this?) and it all ended up heartwarmingly when the lady invited him to live in a wee cottage in her grounds. That way, he didn’t have to be homeless and she had someone to call an ambulance if she suffered any after-effects of her head injury.

casualtyOn the subject of ambulances, Jeff (the man with the nicest teeth in the NHS) and Ash had to jump into some cold and treacherous water to rescue a silly boy who’d jumped in basically to get his father’s attention. The father was played by Ramon Tikaram, who was previously a scary dad in EastEnders but was a nicer dad here. His daughter had an inherited blood clotting disorder, but he’d been so busy over-protecting her that he’d forgotten about his son.

Next time: Dr Lily Chao attempts to learn empathy, and Charlie (the King of Empathy) unravels the aftermath of a bus crash.

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2 responses to “Casualty: I’ll see what I can find out

  1. holbylover819

    I always think of Ramon Tikaram as that scumbag journalist from Primeval but he’s in loads of things.
    I knew they we going to debunk the boy’s claims but couldn’t they have once just let it be reincarnation?!

  2. Love Ramon Tikaram I know he is famous for this life which again I love but he has been in casualty four times now along with staring in the west end and many tv and movies.