Holby City: Pub quizzes. Not always a laugh

(Series 15, ep.45) As we approached our favourite hospital for yet another fun-filled episode, the first thing we saw was the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery absolutely over-run with undesirable types (no, I don’t mean Sahira Shah. She’s not back). They really need to get to grips with that garden, otherwise no one is ever going to want a fairytale wedding there ever again.

chrissie sacha holbyApparently the reason for so many bodies hanging around was that there’d been some sort of incident at the gig of ageing punk rocker and one-time support artiste to the Buzzcocks, Rex. It fell to Sacha to look after Rex, who had an abdominal aortic aneurysm, diseased kidneys and a fractured relationship with his marine biologist son to sort out. Rex also claimed to be able to feel the heat coming off Michael Spence’s loins, which is frankly a skill I’d pay good money to have. It did nothing for Sacha, though, whose wife was supposedly the reason Michael’s loins were in such a state of warmth.

Michael was actually just being a friend in need to Chrissie, who does have cancer and has to have surgery. She seemed to be partly confiding in Michael because of his winning bedside manner, but partly because he’s proved to be good at getting procedures fast-tracked for her. To Sacha, though, it seemed like the inevitable had happened. His daughter Rachel said to him, “I always thought that if you and Chrissie broke up it would be because…” and Sacha finished the sentence for her: “She wanted an upgrade?” That’s how Sacha sees their relationship and has always seen it. Sadly, that’s also how Chrissie has seen it, too.  

sacha chrissie holbySacha had organised a pub quiz to raise money for the Paediatric Oncology ward that had helped Rachel so much (when she wasn’t in AAU so he could keep an eye on her), and when Michael and Chrissie sat having a heart-to-heart while Sacha was asking the questions, Sacha snapped and ended up punching Michael Spence (who admittedly didn’t handle the situation with anything approaching tact) on the nose, ignoring my cries of “Not the face!” Luckily Jac was there to hold Sacha back before he did any further damage (or got damaged back). It made a change from being sarcastic about trivia. And Chrissie told him exactly what she and Michael had been talking about, so now everyone knows, including Rachel. Naturally Sacha is devastated, but he has Mo and Jac on his side, so I feel he’ll be ok in the long run.

Prof Elliot Hope, meanwhile, was planning to take Psych Sharon for a weekend in Wales with a hot tub and a pool table, but she hit him with the news that she’s off to do a PhD in Minneapolis (that’s where she’s studying, not what she’s studying, which is actually mentally disordered offenders – you’d think she’d find enough of those hanging around AAU on an average Tuesday). So Elliot thought about cancelling Wales – ignoring Jonny Mac’s kind offer of taking him instead – but then decided they should have fun while they lasted.

ric serena holbyElsewhere, I am very much enjoying how much Serena has been ruffled by the arrival of her ex, Edward. He’s a smooth-talking sort and you can see what must have attracted them to each other in the first place. She’s not entirely immune to his charms now, if her muttered quips about his “child bride” are anything to go by. Her mum Adrienne ended up in the hospital again this week, which gave another perspective on the situation (“Don’t let him worm his way back in” was her advice) and gave Serena another chance to get all cross and guilty/shouty when it seemed that Adrienne wasn’t coping well at home. The apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree as far as feisty/independent genes are concerned, and Adrienne didn’t want either of Serena’s proposed solutions of a 24 hour live-in carer or a move to the box room chez Campbell. She prefers a retirement home, among people who are less guilty/shouty.

And Digby made an exciting diagnosis. “I’m one of the only doctors to have diagnosed a case of puffer fish poisoning!” he said. I diagnosed it two minutes before he did, in fact (I mentioned puffer fish poisoning in a book I wrote), but so far I haven’t had any offers of mentoring from Hanssen.

Next time: Further relationship turmoil for Sacha and Chrissie, Elliot and Psych Sharon and Serena and Edward.

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7 responses to “Holby City: Pub quizzes. Not always a laugh

  1. Alice

    Ping pong table! Heheh! But anyway- I love your reviews and always look forward to the latest ones 🙂 thankyou!

  2. Eilis

    I enjoyed this week’s episode but am counting the days until a certain character goes. I hope it all works out for Elliott as I’ve a soft spot for him but was rather disconcerted to hear he’s a few years younger than I am.

    I know it’s the Wacky World of Holby Medicine but my GP husband (30+ years, junior hospital doctor c1980) diagnosed the pulmonary embolism before the combined brains of Darwin did. But then he was taught to take a full medical history (the schizophrenia) and to do a full medical examination – legs and all!

    Congratulations again to PLA Junior re GCSEs.


    • pauseliveaction

      Your husband was clearly concentrating harder than the combined brains of Darwin, because he wasn’t distracted by the thought of a hot tub and a pool table.

      And thanks again re PLA Jr!

  3. Vaudelin

    I really enjoyed this episode and the review of course. Was it me though or did I detect a hint of closeness between Jac and Jonny near the end of the episode or was it just wishful thinking on my part?! (I hate it when they fight as I am an old romantic at heart) 🙂

    • pauseliveaction

      I think they are close, really. Jac just likes to pretend they aren’t. I also loved how she was there in the background being supportive for Sacha – that seemed very real.

  4. Vaudelin

    I totally agree! I’m loving Holby at the moment. Hope we have another good episode tonight…