Casualty: Zoe unable to sit down for almost an entire episode

zoe casualty(Series 28, ep. 3)  Following straight on from last week’s dramatic episode,  Jamie was still locked in Zoe’s office with Ramin,  the illegal immigrant who was desperate not to be deported back to Iran, because he was gay and would not be facing a pleasant reception. Just how unpleasant was soon revealed when Jamie discovered whip marks on his back and X-rays eventually revealed previously broken bones.

Jamie and Robyn, being young and idealistic, thought they could handle the situation last week. Robyn contacted a (fictional) pressure group who specialised in This Sort Of Thing, but unfortunately the pressure group turned out to not have much to offer practically apart from covering Robyn in fake blood as a diversion, chaining themselves to Zoe’s door and blocking ambulance access to the hospital. I’m sure not all pressure groups are this daft.

zoe h casualtyThis all meant Zoe had to rush around sorting everything out without even the chance to sit in her nice comfy desk chair to make phone calls. When she wasn’t shouting at the infuriatingly know-it-all Dr Lily Chao, she was standing in a corridor on the phone, talking Jamie through various tricky procedures to save Ramin’s life.  

Having saved him from death, they then had to save him from a fate worse than death, by proving that he was at risk (the X-rays came in handy) and that he was really gay. His boss came in handy for that one, as he was also his lover.

tess casualtyThe only time Zoe got to sit down during the entire episode was when she met Tess in the pub. Poor Tess is no longer pregnant, and she didn’t feel up to returning to work – and, more specifically, facing Fletch. In fact, Tess was thinking of resigning. Zoe knows the father of the baby was “somebody at work,” but doesn’t know who it might be. I bet her first guess wouldn’t be happily married devoted dad Fletch, either. (As a side note, I knew that man would go off the rails from his very first episode, because he kept banging on about his kids in a manner that was just a tad too pointed).

Naturally an ED without Tess is as unimaginable as an ED without Charlie, particularly given that as soon as Fletch is left in charge everything seems to go tits-up, so Zoe did her level best to persuade Tess to reconsider, before being summoned once again to sort out the chaos in her department.

Next time: Jeff and Ash are in deep water. Literally.

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8 responses to “Casualty: Zoe unable to sit down for almost an entire episode

  1. inkface

    I had an unusual irk with this episode and it was this. When Dr ZH & colleagues need something in ED, a wheelchair, say, or whatever, they say “Can I get a blah here please?” and lo, it appears (which I always find hard to imagine actually happening in a real hospital, frankly). But Dr ZH carried this imperiousness into the pub, shouting at the barman, whilst sitting at the table, “Can I get a coffee here please?” and “Can I get a brandy here please?”. Now, Welsh pubs may be different from English ones, but traditionally you get off your arse, go the bar, order and pay, do you not?

    • pauseliveaction

      But poor Zoe hadn’t sat down all day. Asking her to stand even for a few seconds at the bar would be just too cruel.

      • inkface

        And do you think the barman had been sitting on his arse? No, it was a damned nerve I tell you. And, anyway, someone needs to point her in the direction of the nearest Birkenstock supplier of Cardiff. Her shoes are silly.

      • pauseliveaction

        Dr Zoe Hanna in Birkenstocks????? You’ll be recommending Crocs for Connie Beauchamp next. Outrageous thinking.

      • inkface

        Mwah ha HA!

  2. holbylover819

    It kinda annoyed me how they kept commenting on Sam’s maternal side when all she did was hold the child for three seconds with no further interaction. Has no one got a baby she could be forced to look after for an hour?

    • pauseliveaction

      I know – surely it wasn’t the first time she’s had to deal with a child? It didn’t seem anything out of the ordinary, but maybe they’re going to fling in a pregnancy/scare in a few weeks and this was just to prepare us for it? They did that on Holby with Jac.

    • Emma

      Completely agree. It’s Holby logic again, I guess. *Sam pulls baby out of upside-down car* = Sam has a maternal side. Apply aforementioned logic to real life and it suddenly becomes very sinister. *I pull toothbrush out of holder* = I am a qualified dentist.

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