Casualty: Nothing is as bad as it seems. Apparently.

fletch rita casualty(Series 28, ep. 2)  Another week, another new girl. And I have to report that this one seems to be more “normal” than last week’s newbie, Dr Lily Chao (still busy frightening the patients to death). She’s a nurse, and she’s practical, independent, feisty and knows what she’s doing. Her name is Rita Freeman (Chloe Howman) and she started her first shift, as so often happens on Casualty, by finding herself in the middle of An Incident.

The incident was a collapsing floor in the building she’s just moved into. I wasn’t clear whether the floor collapsed because there was an extreme hoarder living there, or whether that was a coincidence, but at any rate Rita proved she has both a cool head in a crisis and a head for heights. All in the same head, obviously.

jamie casualtyFletch thinks her head is quite pretty, but he was missing Tess, who was having a rare day off when he got back from his holiday. There was no Charlie either, which left Fletch in charge. It was a nice easy shift, though. Only an extreme hoarder and her son, a man who thought he had cancer but didn’t, and a gay Iranian illegal immigrant who was terrified of being deported. It’s this latter patient we have to worry about, because when last seen he was locked in a small room with Jamie and getting increasingly panicky because of the police hammering on the door.

In next week’s second half of this two parter, Jamie’s going to be in hot water, Robyn is going to get hurt and before you can say “Jac Naylor” Army Dr Sam is going to discover her maternal side when she rescues a baby.

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2 responses to “Casualty: Nothing is as bad as it seems. Apparently.

  1. holbylover819

    Rita seems pretty good in a crisis, especially as it was her first day and she’d recently moved. Kinda person the ED needs I reckon. Until her long-lost sister/ex-husband or something turns up.
    The storyline with Jamie (I’ve finally stopped calling him Clyde) seems quite interesting, he’ll probably end up telling the police the truth.
    I’m really enjoying the Casualty reviews, keep it up!

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