Casualty: Lily, oh Lily

(Series 28, ep. 1) It’s quite usual for junior doctors on Casualty – indeed on every medical drama – to think they know more than they do, to rub people up the wrong way, to be good at the book stuff but not so much the people stuff etc etc. The new doctor in Holby ED, Lily Chao, takes it to a whole new level. Lily is so fierce and stroppy she charges around, head down, peering angrily at everyone over the top of her glasses. If a patient won’t tell Lily his name, she tells him, in graphic detail, what the consequences of her not being fully informed of his medical history might be. She also fancies herself as a bit of a detective and spent a good deal of the episode rushing round with clues – including, in one case, a blood-covered tooth. Waving that sort of thing in the faces of patients, even if it’s the face you think it came from in the first place, has got to contravene all kinds of hygiene guidelines.

Despite all this, Ash thinks she has potential and has bet a Michelin star meal (Holby has a Michelin starred restaurant? Who knew?) with Dr Zoe Hanna that he can turn Lily into top quality Casualty material by the end of her rotation. If nobody kills her first.

All this was wrapped up in a plot of typical Casualty complexity, in which two sisters and the husband of one of them were unfortunate enough to have to endure a car jacking, car crash, having a TB-infected tooth embedded in a scalp, failed IVF and cancer. Just as well they were in the safe and caring environment of Holby ED, where they could be berated and lectured by Dr Lily Chao and then twinkled at sympathetically by Charlie.

Elsewhere, the radiantly beautiful at the age of 87 Honor Blackman made a guest appearance as a radiantly beautiful older woman who fractured her hip on the way to an assignation with an old flame. She bonded with Dixie, but thought Dixie looked more like a Doris, and I have to say she has a point. Anyhoo, it was all a good reason for Dixie to get on and arrange a date with the prison governor.

Apologies for the lateness of this and the lack of pictures – I’m on my holidays and frankly the broadband is struggling.

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  1. Martin Rosen

    This is real dedication to do the review while you are on holiday. Thank you.

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