Holby City: Making yourself feel better

digby chantelle cameron holby(Series 15, ep.41)  That Chantelle is made of sterner stuff than you’d think. She seems so pink and pretty that every time she laughs a new baby fairy is born, but she must be hard as nails really. How else do you explain going straight back to work after you’ve been mugged, with your false eyelashes glued firmly into place on your bruised and swollen eyelid? That’s got to smart, but she bore it with her shoulders back, her head held high and a professional smile on her face.

The same could not be said for Digby. He was suffering from the aftermath of the attack. Not so much any physical injuries, although his glasses had to have first aid, but the realisation that he’d failed the woman he loves when she needed him most. He spent the rest of the episode trying to make himself feel better, as Chantelle pointed out to him, by being a bit too stroppy and ready to call the police on the potential mugger, who was the kid who was giving Chantelle trouble last week, Cameron.

chantelle digby holbyIn turn, Cameron accused Chantelle of trying to make herself feel better with her caring, sharing style. At the end of the episode, Chantelle and Digby sat on the curved bench of contemplation in an outdoor area I don’t remember having seen before (they must have had Lottery funding to expand the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery, as there seems to be more of it every week). She said she felt daft for being such a soft touch, and he said (I’m paraphrasing) that her soft touch was exactly what was lovely about her, and not to go changing because he loves her just the way she is. He was bold enough to put his arm around her shoulders as he said this, and was rewarded for his efforts with a kiss. It’s been a long time coming (since New Year’s Eve, when Chantelle first set eyes on her Consolation Nerd), and I hope now they can be happy for a while and neither of them will be diagnosed with a brain tumour or end up doing something they might regret with Mary-Claire after a drunk night at the bar.  

Jac was away lecturing in Birmingham (I hope they have a branch of Dunkin Donuts there, or Birmingham is going to be in deep trouble). Jonny Mac was flying the flag for Pregnancy Watch, as he was bidding for a buggy on eBay. A practical choice, finance-wise on a nurse’s wages, but I can’t really picture Jac wanting to put Jaccy Maccy Junior in a second-hand conveyance.

mo holbyMeanwhile, Mo was in charge of Darwin and it was nice to see her getting a storyline of her own again. This one involved a woman played by Waterloo Road’s Eva Pope, who’d had the misfortune to have had two children with serious heart problems, one of them having died several years before. Mo was determined the second one wouldn’t die, either, which obviously is an admirable attitude for a doctor to have. Her judgement may have been a bit influenced by the fact that it was the first birthday of William, the baby she gave birth to. At one point Eva Pope accused her of not knowing what it felt like to be a parent, but poor Mo does know.

mary claire holbyAnd in AAU, Honey and Posh were circling around each other again, but it was Mary-Claire’s birthday and she expected to be treated accordingly. So she took matters, and Dr Posh’s credit card, into her own hands and booked a swanky restaurant and hotel. I do admire her style.

Next time: Mo’s patient deteriorates; Mary-Claire and Digby want to know where they stand with their respective love interests; and Henrik Hanssen has a visit from a former love interest of his own.

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3 responses to “Holby City: Making yourself feel better

  1. Laura A

    “I hope now they can be happy for a while and neither of them will be diagnosed with a brain tumour or end up doing something they might regret with Mary-Claire after a drunk night at the bar.”

    Chantelle having a fling with Mary-Claire? Now, that would be interesting. 😉

  2. Ooh I didn’t know Jac was off lectureing in Birmingham, perhaps she missed out on doughnuts and tried some indian sweets instead!!

    • pauseliveaction

      I bet she was eating something sweet and calorific! If the pre-pregnancy Jac could see herself now she’d be horrified.