Casualty: Prison drama

casualty(Series 27, Ep.44)  Well, that was dramatic, wasn’t it? Jeff and Tom trapped inside a prison in the middle of a riot, with Tom’s killer of a father busy having a heart attack, and Dixie watching helplessly on the prison’s CCTV while prison officers were being thrown off balconies and things were being set on fire. The worst bit was Jeff being subjected to a “kangaroo court” – sat on a chair surrounded by violent thugs who were convinced he was a plant (as in working for the prison, not a leafy thing, despite the green uniform). Jeff has the nicest teeth on British TV, so I spent most of the episode worrying about them.

jeff casualtyDixie was marvellous, flinging herself into danger in order to retrieve her colleagues and their patient. She was rewarded by a date with the prison governor. Tom was rewarded by a kiss or two from Sam, which was very lovely to see. Jeff’s reward was that his nephew (is it his nephew?) Jamie had been worried about him. But I’m hoping everyone gets sent to see the staff counsellor, because we don’t want Jeffrey naked and quivering in the shower again (or do we?), which can happen when he’s post-traumatised.

Talking of trauma, back in the relative calm of A&E Tess and Zoe had to deal with a child who had a bad headache. They were puzzled as to the cause, but I wasn’t because I passed my F2 exams at the Holby School of Televisual Medicine some time ago and I knew it was carbon monoxide poisoning. Luckily the little brother who’d been left home alone was found before it was too late.

Tess is very good at looking after the young ‘uns, but she told Dr Zoe Hanna that she won’t be looking after her own young ‘un anytime soon, because she’s not planning to keep the baby. The father doesn’t want a baby, she told Zoe. Let’s wait and find out, when Fletch finds out.

tam casualtySpeaking of whom, I noticed that Sam and Tom are routinely described as “Tam” on Twitter and that. Is anyone talking about “Tetch” or “Fless,” or is everyone too busy going “Ewwwwww!!!”?

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5 responses to “Casualty: Prison drama

  1. inkface

    I was very pleased to see that Dixie might *finally* be getting some hot action, and plus it’s pleasing, in a future plot sense, for members of the services to mingle. See also Nick Jordan & the police chief. Well sort of anyway.

    • pauseliveaction

      It didn’t end well for NJ and the police chief though, did it? Probably because Dr Zoe Hanna was really the woman for him. I hope Dixie has better luck.

  2. Hetti

    Where was the interview you read with Oliver Coleman?

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