Casualty: I predict a riot

(Series 27, Ep.43) It’s been a while since I blogged about Casualty, because I don’t manage to watch it very often. I was tempted back in after reading an interview with Oliver Coleman (Dr Tom Kent) about tonight’s episode. It all sounded dreadfully exciting – post-watershed prison riot scenes, personal danger, flames…

So I watched last week’s on iPlayer, and I was very glad I did because it set the scene for what’s going to happen tonight. And it was a thoroughly enjoyable episode.

casualty tom kentLovely Dr Tom Kent was at the prison to meet the biological father he never knew he had. Well, obviously he knew he had a biological father – he’s a doctor after all – but not this particular one.  Brian Protheroe, who played the father Peter Marshall, was excellently cast. Physically he looks a lot like an older Tom Kent, and he even has the same stillness and air of capability about him. Marshall was also like his son in that he was a caring sort of person who had a mentoring role to a younger prisoner who had Asperger’s. Unlike his son, he was in prison for killing someone.  

Curiosity satisfied, Tom didn’t plan on seeing Marshall ever again, but then he found himself having to do first aid on the prisoner with Asperger’s, which delayed his departure. He was just leaving when who should arrive but Jeff and Dixie, en route to pick up a patient with angina at the prison. And guess which prisoner had just told Tom he had angina? Tom hopped into the back of the ambulance and is now back in the prison, but without the prison authorities knowing he’s there (only Jeff and Dixie showed their ID). This may become relevant later, as a full-scale riot is brewing.

tess fletch casualtyMeanwhile, back at Holby, it looks like while I’ve not been watching Tess and Fletch have been having a proper affair. He was preparing to go on holiday with his wife and kids, and she was failing to tell him (in that annoying, “We need to talk…” and there’s a knock on the door, “I have to tell you something that might change everything…” and one of his adorable kids rushes in sort of way) that she’s pregnant. Pregnant! And there she was thinking it was the perimenopause.

Charlie was very much in evidence, doing some old-school Casualty nursing, which involved counselling patients’ relatives in the hallways and making their lives so much better. He didn’t counsel Tess, though, as so far only Dr Zoe Hanna knows that she’s Expecting.

The patients this week included two teenagers who’d been in a car accident, and a paedophile prisoner who was in hospital because he’d thrown himself down some stairs to avoid having to swallow even more packages of heroin than he’d already ingested. Nurse Robyn was a bit upset when she found out what he was in prison for. He’d seemed like such a nice man.

Next time: Tom and Jeff both in danger!

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