Holby City: The dangers that lurk in the car park

chantelle digby holby(Series 15, ep.40) Lauren Drummond (Chantelle) was on daytime TV yesterday talking about tonight’s episode. I didn’t watch it, because I’m spoiler-averse, but I assumed she’d be talking about  Digby’s crush on Chantelle and whether Channers is ever going to see him as more than a friend.

As it turns out, the question we were left with at the shock end of the episode was – is she ever going to see him again, or is she going to expire quietly in the Carpark of Doom? Maybe I should have watched daytime TV to get a clue.

It all started quite well for Digby, as he received his results and discovered he’s gone from being the third best F1 in the hospital (after Tara and Honey) to being the number one F2 (Honey is second, and Tara is out of contention. Hashtag RIP Tara). This has earned him new respect among some of his seniors. Serena even invited him out for a drink with the senior management team (her and Hanssen – what fun!). He deserved it, bless him – he’d put in a lot of effort. “I even read Pancreatic Duct Obstructions: A New Perspective from cover to cover,” he told Serena. “Somebody had to,” she replied, looking amused (I do like Serena when she’s being amused).  

When Michael Spence and Malick were required in theatre to do something complicated, Digby was left in charge of Keller. What could possibly go wrong? Well, more vomiting than an average morning in AAU, a neurotic patient who was scared of people and should really have been in his own room, a man with an anxious and slightly scary son (with magnificent eyebrows) who scared Chantelle a bit – with the result that Digby was soon resembling a geeky headless chicken and being all snappy with Chantelle.

All was well that ended well re the various patients, with the timely arrival of Michael Spence and Malick, but it wasn’t a glorious first day for Digby and Chantelle was not impressed by his snappiness. She missed the old Digby, she told him.

chantelle holbySo in an effort to apologise, he told Serena that he wasn’t able to go for an after-work drink, and legged it across the car park to apologise to Chantelle and thank her for her brilliantly original gift of a congratulatory pen.

And out of nowhere – violent muggers! Chantelle was left horizontal with a bleedy face, calling to Digby for help, and he was left shaken and too scared to be stirred to do anything to help her. “Och, noooo,” as Lorraine Kelly possibly murmured to Lauren Drummond on daytime TV. I should have watched.

Meanwhile, the Darwin plot was practically an hour-long Pregnancy Watch, as it was all about Jac’s attempts to avoid going for a scan, because that would make it all official and there’d be nothing to stop Jonny Mac from blethering about his happiness to all and sundry.

jac jonny holby cityShe wanted to go private. “There’s no way I’m going to let anyone in this hospital go near my womb,” she informed the father of her child. “I did that once before, and look what happened.” Aww, bless, she’s such an old romantic. After much procrastination and prevarication and intervening bits of the day job, Jonny eventually got her to turn up 90 minutes late for an appointment at Holby’s very own Obs & Gynae department, with the midwife-from-hell Jac had a run-in with when Mo was having her baby. “I don’t appreciate your attitude,” the midwife said to the never knowingly cooperative Jac. “Few people do,” she replied. “I’ve learned to live with it.”

jac jonny holbyThe scan itself went according to plan. The baby seems to be healthy, Jac pretended not to care and Jonny grinned like he might explode and started jabbering. “The foetus can’t hear you,” sighed Jac. “I can. Shut up, Jonny.”

It takes more real effort than that for Jac to rain on Jonny Mac’s parade these days, and he couldn’t wait to deliver the news, which he did to a room full of colleagues. Jac tried not to die of the embarrassment of having her personal space well and truly invaded. But at least now she won’t have to hide her secret doughnut habit.

mo sacha holbyMeanwhile, Sacha was on pins waiting to find out whether Rachel’s bone marrow transplant had been a success, or whether he’d subjected Your Son Daniel to surgery and annoyed Chrissie all the way to Australia for nothing. It was good news, and he shared a hug with Mo in the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery (which gets more ornate every time we see it. It now features the Ollie and Tara Memorial Wedding Grotto).

Next time: Two birthdays – Mary-Claire and the baby Mo gave birth to, William. And Digby feels guilty about Chantelle.

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7 responses to “Holby City: The dangers that lurk in the car park

  1. Martin Rosen

    I suppose you could always watch Lauren Drummond on ITV player, but I doubt she will have mentioned whether either of them live or die. Although she may have said whether either of them are leaving the series. I wonder if she talks all ‘gooey and sexy’ in real life ?!

    (BTW in para 5 “…glorious first day for Malick and Chantelle” don’t you mean Digby and Chantelle ?) – sentence easily removable before publication of the comment !

    • pauseliveaction

      Ah, well spotted, Martin. I blame the heat! And the shock from that car park mugging.

  2. Jana

    I wish they’d bring back the sexy Abi Hardingham who was in it for one episode… she’s a good actress!!

  3. I might be wrong about this, but I thought I spotted that the tube from an oxygen mask for the bad back patient (I think) wasn’t actually connected to anything….

  4. So…..the car park muggers were Cameron and the ‘bad influence’ who kept phoning/ texting, that his father didn’t want him to have anything to do with? Is that right? Presumably because (along with wanting the contents of her handbag) he resented her setting the social workers on him?

    Poor Chantelle. I thought Digby had got past the phase where he freezes when he can’t handle stuff (like when he locked himself in the cupboard to avoid dealing with the convulsing patient). Yet that is what he seemed to be doing when Chantelle lay on the ground after the attack, calling out to him for help. Bad Diggers. If anything really awful happens to her (like being written out of the series as a result of her injuries), I’ll be putting in a formal letter of complaint about him to Hanssen.

  5. Rose

    The Dithering Digby act is getting old now. He needs to man up or move on. His double act with Malick is the only appealing thing about him now and that is largely due to The Malick’s general awesomeness!!
    Eh, was it just me or did anyone else do a double take that Hanssen looked like he was going to “hit the shiraz” with the others?

  6. Dreamer

    Getting real tired of Digby and his Nice Guy behaviour/’Woe is Me’ act.