Holby City: It’s time to stop with the Tiny Tears act and man up

ollie holby(Series 15, ep.36) Possibly it doesn’t help that I watched the second half of this episode before I watched the first half, due to social circumstances, but even after I watched it again in the right order I still felt a little confused.

It seems I was completely wrong last week about Dr Posh and Ollie being a fun team. This week Dr Posh was being a bit of a dick and was apparently just there to be a thorn in Oliver’s already aggrieved side. In fact, Dr Posh doesn’t seem to have had the same personality for more than two weeks running. Is it any wonder I prefer Digby? You know where you are with Digby.

What I am sure about is that Ollie’s scathing attack on Elliot at the end of the episode, even though we knew it was out of grief and he was turning on the person he feels closest to, was absolutely shocking. He wanted to make Elliot hurt as much as he was hurting, and bringing up the manner of Gina’s death in such brutal terms was quite stomach-turning and far more shocking than him physically pushing Elliot.

Ollie really needs to follow Jac’s advice and stop with the Tiny Tears act and man up. James Anderson has eyes which are perfectly designed to be brimming with tears (“Such pain hiding behind those beautiful blue eyes,” as his patient pointed out), and his acting in this episode was brilliant, but he’s also great at the comedy stuff, which he hasn’t had the chance to do recently. Frankly I’m as worn out as Jac is by all the grief. Even Ollie’s counsellor is thinking he’s wallowing a bit.  

michael chrissie holbyMeanwhile, My Son Daniel had the operation to collect his bone marrow. I could feel Chrissie’s pain as she insisted on being in theatre with him, then couldn’t handle being there. As if she wasn’t suffering enough, the machines started going beep. The friendly nurse with her said not to worry, it was just the hole in the heart thing and was quite routine. But of course Chrissie didn’t know about the H in the H. At this point, the sympathy points she’d been picking up during the last couple of episodes dwindled away rather. Although I could understand her being angry with Sacha for not telling her about Daniel’s condition, her behaviour in taking her son out of hospital when he was supposed to be on post-op observation just to get him away from Sacha was just stupid. Then what did she do but plonk him in Michael Spence’s car – presumably without the legally required car seat, unless Michael has taken to ferrying three year-olds around in his car recently and had one handy – and leave him sleeping on Michael’s sofa while she and Michael got rat-arsed and (luckily) didn’t end up sleeping together. What kind of behaviour is all that when you’re supposed to be the caring, nurturing mother?

This last bit was in the weird little red button segment, which was basically just a ten minute scene tacked on to the end of the episode. It didn’t add very much to the gaiety of nations apart from banging another nail in the coffin of Chrissie’s popularity and introducing us to Michael Spence’s fabulous taste in interior design.

Much better were the scenes in the main episode between Michael, his daughter Jasmine and cancer patient Seb. There was another “Michael Spence – hell, yeah” moment when he rang Seb’s father (conspicuous by his absence at the bedside). “This is a courtesy call. I’m wondering where the hell you are.”

Pregnancy watch: There was a precious scene in which Elliot introduced Jac to the finer aspects of being a doughnut connoisseur. Her little face as he advertised the particular delights of a chocolate one, only to take a big bite out of it himself! All this carb consumption hasn’t taken its toll on her physically yet. If there was any justice in the world she’d be the size of a gable end by now.

Next time: Is it the end for Chrissie and Sacha’s marriage? (Run, Sacha, run!) Will Digby tell Chantelle how he feels? (And if he does, will her reaction be once again “Oh, no!”?) And will Ollie let Dr Honey take the blame for his mistake? (Probably yes – he’s got form in that respect).

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2 responses to “Holby City: It’s time to stop with the Tiny Tears act and man up

  1. inkface

    That car seat thing upset me too. Madness. MS particularly attractive in this ep. Especially his arms, in a t-shirt. Very nice.

  2. Dreamer

    Direction wise – the texting bit was similar to Sherlock. Script – the whole Spence/Analise on a break thing was similar to Ross/Rachel. Also, we have the same silver lantern thing as Spence!

    All that aside, I really hope they don’t get Chrissie together with Michael – he and Sacha are way too good for her (character-wise). Blah.