Coronation Street: Baby love

deirdre eileen corrieThey’re having more than their fair share of emotional turmoil in Coronation Street at the moment, with various strands of the aftermath of the Rovers Return fire still playing out (though in most respects you’d never have known there’d been a fire, they’ve so lovingly recreated the outdated ambience of the establishment). Eileen’s descent into sleep-deprived, alcohol-enhanced barminess due to her fear that firefighting boyfriend Paul might not come back from his next shift in one piece has been very amusing, not least when she got drunk with Deirdre Barlow and they had a discussion about Deirdre’s belts, which are purchased online apparently. “I can send you the link,” Deirdre offered. Eileen declined. No one wears a belt quite like Deirdre. Elsewhere, Dev is determined to prove that Sunita (or “Suniiiiiiiita-a-a-a-a!”) didn’t start the fire. His behaviour has become erratic even by his own erratic standards, which is making it easy for Karl, the real culprit, to discredit him as “losing it.”

There’s also been a side plot running about whether Marcus, who identifies himself as gay, can really be in love with Maria, who identifies herself as a hair stylist, while still being gay (Marcus, not Maria).

tina corrieBut the central storyline involves Tina McIntyre acting as a surrogate so that Izzy and Gary can have a baby. This was extremely well set up. Izzy, who is disabled and uses a wheelchair, had a miscarriage and felt she couldn’t cope physically and emotionally with the trauma of trying to have another child, although she was desperate to be a mother. Up stepped Tina, who as well as being strapped for cash due to boyfriend Tommy’s stupidity, is quite a vulnerable person herself following the death of her father. Although she gives the impression of being very together and quite feisty, there’s something quite lost about her. She’s also radiantly beautiful.  

No wonder Izzy felt a wee bit threatened, especially when Gary made a clumsy pass at Tina, who was pregnant with his and Izzy’s child at the time. No wonder Tina began to have a few doubts about whether Izzy and Gary were really the stable couple they seemed to be.

The baby was born prematurely (obviously – this is almost mandatory in a soap) and spent its early days in an incubator (ditto). And equally predictably, Tina has realised she loves the wee mite and doesn’t want to give him away. Tommy is supporting her, Izzy and Gary are devastated, Izzy’s dad Psycho Owen wants to hit something and his partner the cuddly Anna Windass wants to hit something even harder than Owen does for once. Because you can see everybody’s point. The baby is genetically nothing to do with Tina and everything to do with Gary and Izzy, but Tina has carried him and given birth to him. Michelle Keegan’s acting has been absolutely stunning and she makes you feel everything Tina is feeling, but the whole thing has been brilliantly acted and written.

I always try to avoid spoilers, so I don’t know how this is going to turn out, but someone is going to be very, very unhappy.

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