Lustbox. Chris Packham

chrispackhamI don’t watch Springwatch. I’m sure it’s delightful, and I know lots of people who adore everyone in the team and feel connected to them, much in the way that the Blue Peter presenters of our youth seemed like cool, older siblings (well, sort of – what constituted ‘cool’ growing up in Newbury just meant people not wearing Marks & Spencer slacks. The bar was very low).

In the past, I’ve noticed people becoming gooey over the very mention of Kate Humble. And fair enough. I’d have married Valerie Singleton if only David Cameron had only made it possible in 1977. 

But there is one presenter I have a soft spot for, not for Springwatch, but having seen him as a panelist on various comedy programmes, and that’s Chris Packham. He comes across as funny and frankly a bit nuts when I’ve seen him on Have I Got News for You? and Would I Lie To You? (he was on that with Victoria Coren, who is also a bit admirably scary).

Some people admire clean-cut Rob Lowe types, or the heavily muscle-bound. I don’t object to either, but it’s not my favourite thing. Witty is good, and I just happen to like people who look like they might be up for some mischief, and also come across as a little mad, bad and dangerous to know. 

I mentioned this on Twitter, after re-tweeting the splendid Jake Yapp’s loving review  of it (full of sweary words, be warned)  and it seemed to strike a nerve with a couple of people. I ended up DM-ing a fellow admirer, saying: “What I like about him is he seems like he might be a bit of a filthy pervert. In a good way.” They concurred.

He does lots of good, important conservation and educational work too, saving bats and that. You can click here for more about that. 

But frankly, I’m shallow. I just think he’s gorgeous.

Postscript 13 Oct 2013 If you’re quick you can catch him on one of the greatest Desert Island Discs ever

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2 responses to “Lustbox. Chris Packham

  1. lazybill

    His dress sense leaves a bit to be desired, mind you!

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