Waterloo Road: Kevin Chalk, sword of vengeance

(Series 8, Ep.26) Having been without a functioning TV aerial and with internet powered by three candles and an empty baked beans can, I’ve been unable to watch Waterloo Road for a couple of weeks. This week I acquired an extra candle and managed to watch it on iPlayer and I’m very pleased I did. Talk about drama!

kevin steveo connor waterloo roadAny episode of anything that starts of with Gang of Four as a soundtrack (‘Anthrax,’ no less) is going to make me happy, and in this case it was the soundtrack to the dastardly “Hawaii” Steve-O outlining his plans to turn Connor’s hand to burglary and other money-making crimes. If Connor hadn’t already been the palest colour it’s possible for a live human to be, he’d have gone pale.

The extent of Steve-O’s nastiness only became clear (to me, as presumably this was seen in a previous episode) when Dynasty admitted to Kevin that he’d raped her. At this point I have to say the acting from Abby Mavers throughout this episode was brilliant, and she also has the most beautiful accent. Anyway, her admission turned Kevin into a quivering bundle of rage and he concocted a plan to kill Steve-O, with the help of Connor. This sounded about as good a plan as the one to get Connor to rob houses.  

You’d think, wouldn’t you, that the person who’d be the best angel of retribution in this case would be Barry Barry, who’d surely want to sort out the scum who wronged his sister. Barry’s moral position is always quite marvellously ambiguous, though. When you remember how he stood by when Steve-O assaulted Kacey, and how he’s more often the enabler and supplier of other people’s crimes rather than the active participant, I did wonder whether he’d come through. Eventually, he did, turning up in the deserted warehouse (there’s always one handy when you need one) where he’d arranged for Kevin and Connor to find a gun and shoot Steve-O (only Steve-O got the gun, which luckily Barry had neglected to load). The police turned up and Steve-O was taken away. Hurrah!

Meanwhile, the glorious Daniela Nardini has joined the cast as a science teacher, but she seems to be more interested in stirring up political unrest among the pupils by encouraging Lula to take direct action against a pharmaceutical company that Cockney Lorraine is involved with which does animal testing. This was a classic piece of Waterloo Road bonkers-ness, with a mass demonstration of four people (Lula, Kacey, Jack and Harley), Lula managing to graffiti the word SHA onto a garage door (she had no time to add the ME) and  spending lesson time composing death threats with cut-up newspaper and Pritt.

Cockney Lorraine (dress code: tartan pencil skirt)’s latest money saving initiative is that she wants the school to become fee paying. How soon they lose their ideals, eh? It was only mere weeks ago that she was importing bus-loads of Rochdale’s more underprivileged citizens and setting them up in a boarding house, she was that caring. Understandably the whole scheme has upset Michael Byrne to the extent that he’s resigned. He’s packed up the traditional box of stuff from his desk (though unusually it didn’t include a picture frame or a house plant) and he’s leaving, without even mentioning it to Jane Beale first. Lorraine has promoted Nikki Boston to the head teacher role, so we can expect exercise drills at dawn in the parade ground, low-level bullying and a wider variety of unpleasant suits.

In other news, the teacher with the pointy face had a tricky time trying to stir up interest in her forthcoming marriage to her African toy-boy,because no-one quite believes it’s the meeting of true minds that she thinks it is. And, sadly, they’re right. It turns out he’s only after a visa (surely not!) and is planning to have Less Cockney Sonya as his bit on the side once he’s got the marriage certificate safely in his pocket. The rat!

Next time: Angus Deayton.

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4 responses to “Waterloo Road: Kevin Chalk, sword of vengeance

  1. Checky

    I’m quite disappointed that Ndale’s turned out like he has- I thought he seemed pretty nice and genuinely cared about Audrey!!

  2. remotecontrolled (kopitron)

    Found this quite a weird episode – kind of half brilliant and half mind-numbing. It was like a mixture of all seasons of WR, class acting of first, action of 4, bonkers of 5 (hell, 3+) and the boring of 6. I imagine my mind numbness will go with Michael Byrne and Cockney Lorraine. You do have to catch up with last week if you can for one to see more brilliant Abby Mavers acting but even more so to see Hawaii Steve-O’s pre-rape sexy head dance.

  3. Velocity Girl

    Daniela Nardini’s in this now? At last, a reason to watch it again following the departure of Sarah-Jane Potts…

  4. Martin Rosen

    But wasn’t it obvious that Steve-O was going to be waiting in the warehouse?

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