Holby City: Digby saves the day, if not the episode

(Series 15, ep.34)  Due to house moving etc, I’m still forced to watch Holby City on iPlayer with very poor bandwidth. Maybe it summarises my feelings about this episode when I tell you I didn’t especially mind the regular pauses for “buffering.”

What was wrong with it? No Darwin, hardly any doctoring, and two, rather tedious, storylines. I hate being critical, honestly I do, but once in a while a dud episode happens along and this was it.

holby cityThe Coroners Court scenes were dull and even the presence of the sublime Guy Henry failed to lift them. It was only at the end when it really came to life.  Dominic put his bunny-boiling scheme into action by claiming that Malick had given Amanda Layton a drug to suppress her respiratory system. Digby saved the day with a wodge of research to show the aforementioned drug would have a completely different effect (wouldn’t Hanssen have known this?). It looked like Dominic’s career as a doctor was in ruins and he’d have to fall back to being a hair model, but Malick stepped up to the witness-box and came clean about his “error of judgement” in ripping the jeans off his junior colleague. Understandably, Nathan was none too happy and left the courtroom, but it was the first time Malick has really shown much of a backbone.  

Meanwhile, police had failed to turn up the body of Simone Harris, which Amanda Layton had told Malick had been “taken home.” At the point where she said that, was there a single viewer watching who didn’t think, “Hang on – that’s a bit vague. Why not ask her whose home she means?” Malick was apparently satisfied with the obscure answer, basically so a bit of sleuthing could finally track down the remains of Simone Harris – conveniently including a necklace that said “Simone,” just in case we were in any doubt. There was no suspense or drama about this at all, because it was all so contrived. Or has the “buffering” annoyed me more than I thought and everybody else was on the edge of their seats?

Back at Holby, there was even more nonsense featuring Dr Honey and her annoying child, Finn. This involved Dr Honey and Dr Posh chasing around the hospital after Finn, accompanied by a patient who couldn’t be left alone for a second because she had a rifle (she was a deer hunter who’d been gored)  and it wasn’t allowed to be out of her sight until a policeman with suitable gun training arrived. Nobody noticed she was quietly bleeding everywhere because they were too focused on Finn. It was all just an excuse for Dr Honey and Dr Posh to kiss on the Walkway of Wisdom, which is being heavily used these days. Frankly Drs H and P make a lovely couple, because they both seem as dim as each other. The dumbest moment of the entire episode came when Drs P and H finally noticed the deer hunter woman was bleeding. Dr Honey fished around in the wound and came out with a sharp object. “What’s that?” she gasped. At least Dr Posh was able to put two and two together and deduced that a woman who’s been gored by a deer could well have a bit of antler sticking in her. Why, he’d even noticed there was a bit broken off when he saw the deer in a skip earlier! If there’s a CT1 Prize, it should surely be his.

Next time: Sounds more promising, as it involves Sacha and Michael. And Ollie and Dr Posh have to work together.

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10 responses to “Holby City: Digby saves the day, if not the episode

  1. inkface

    No, it wasn’t just you! Irksome episode.

  2. Checky

    I feel like I was the only one who enjoyed this episode (and actually has nothing against Gemma and Harry!!)

  3. dancingamongdemons

    Hiya! First time commenting here, although I have been reading your posts closely for the last few months and greatly enjoying them (to the extent that I now only watch Waterloo Road so as to be able to understand your review *sigh*).

    Regarding whether Hanssen would have known about the side-effects of the drug, it’s worth noting that when the coroner was giving Dominic his little scolding for fibbing, she said that “Doctor Digby and Mr Hanssen’s testimonies seem to contradict the symptoms you say you witnessed” – implying that Hanssen backed up Digby’s testimony in a scene which we either missed or which was cut from the episode! (yes yes, rather eagle-eyed, I know ^^)

    • pauseliveaction

      Thank you for the kind words, D-among-D – glad you’re enjoying the blog. And good spot about Hanssen’s testimony.

  4. dancingamongdemons

    PS. Malick in a suit (and scrapping in the bathroom, as is his want)… Phwoar!

  5. Ann S

    And they missed the opportunity for what should have been the best scene in the whole thing by NOT showing Hanssens reaction to Malicks statement that he had had a physical relationship with his junior. They just cut straight to Malicks boyfriend. So predictable. Boo.

  6. Dreamer

    I fail to find what’s interesting about Honey and Posh (is that correct English, BTW?). I liked the court scenes – mostly because I could see Malick and Nathan as a couple. Dominic is a tad…freaky.

  7. This episodes only saving grace was the presence of the wonderful Guy Henry (not liking the lack of Mr H recently) the Malick storylines are dull and I’m glad their done.

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