Holby City: Honesty is the best policy

(Series 15, ep.33)  I’m extremely sorry for the lateness of this post. I’ve been moving house – traumatic in itself – but no sooner had we started to unpack the boxes than the hideous truth dawned. We have broadband speeds of dial-up levels and the TV aerial is not working (I have no mobile phone coverage either). Though I’m still living in London and am only half a mile from my previous address, it feels like I’m living in the past.

So this episode of Holby has been watched on iPlayer in bite-sized chunks at off-peak times and I hope you’ll forgive me if the quality isn’t quite what you’d hope for.

jonny jac holbyTo cheer myself up (did I mention I’ve also done my back in lifting heavy boxes and am sitting here wishing Camoxidan wasn’t fictional?), let’s start with Jac Naylor, Jonny Mac and the baby who shall henceforth be known as Jaccy Maccy Jr. There was the loveliest scene since the scene where he was stitching up a cut on her forehead (he did a great job on that, btw – no scar visible at all), when he gave her a wee ultrasound and they saw the baby for the first time. Jac gave one of her trademark looks – one of those that only lasts for seconds but says so much. Just in case the moment threatened to get too emotional, Jonny printed out a picture and she suggested he stick it on the his fridge at home, knowing how much he loved a cliche. The banter between Jac and Jonny was brilliant throughout the episode. I particularly loved it when they almost had a bonding moment on the Walkway of Wisdom and he put his arm around her shoulders as they walked away from the camera. How heartwarming, I thought, that she lets him be so familiar.  “Don’t touch me!” she snarled.

Chrissie was feeling a bit like that re Sacha, only in their case it was “Don’t touch Daniel!” The fruit of her womb turns out to be a bone marrow match for Sacha’s daughter, which would be lovely if only Sacha hadn’t tried to have him tested without telling her. Understandably, she wasn’t keen on wee Daniel having painful and possibly risky procedures, even if it meant a chance for Rachel to recover from her leukaemia. I did actually sympathise with Chrissie, who really only wanted to be consulted and feel part of the decision making, rather than being presented with a decision after it had been made.

Malick was suffering from the ramifications of his decision to let Amanda Layton die, and having a fling with Doting Dominic afterwards. Basically, Malick has been suspended and that might be the least of his troubles, as Doting Dominic may be about to go a little bit bunny boilerish after seeing Malick heading off home with Nathan.

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5 responses to “Holby City: Honesty is the best policy

  1. Martin Rosen

    Despite your problems, this was very good. Thank you!

  2. inkface

    You poor wee lamb. Sorry about your pain & technical challenges. It’s all sent to test you. I thought Malick was dreadful in this and needed sacking not suspending. Shocking lack of judgement and lack of ethics. And I’m not convinced that either of his love interests seem a good match for him. I’d prefer to see him with something stronger & MORE kick ass than him. They are both a bit wet, in my view.

  3. Wiggles247

    But I do wonder if our Jac might have printed her own copy of that there scan picture off after Jonny left the room???
    Brill review (as ever) despite your numerous challenges – thanks!! Hope you get everything sorted soon and that your back pain is very, very temporary!!!

  4. holbylover819

    Slow Internet is worse than no Internet. And no wi-fi is definitely the worst part of going on holiday and the sun makes it hard to watch TV(!). My room is permanently a wifi deadzone though, you step across the threshold and *poof*. Maybe it’s been cursed or haunted! …which is unlikely seeing as the house is only ten years old.
    Anyway! Holby was good, I liked how Jac was insisting she could do it on her own and how we didn’t actually see her cry. It would be a bit too surreal as Jac would never let anyone see what she would think a weakness.
    I was also sympathising with Chrissie. I mean I get Sacha wanted to help Rachel as soon as possible but he could have given Chrissie a bit more time to let it sink in or been more understanding that she would feel protective over Daniel.
    For some reason I feel this is the first episode Dominic’s spoken in.

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