Holby City: A tiny Naylor. There’s a thought

(Series 15, ep.32) Oliver Valentine thinks the only people Jac Naylor can relate to are people who are anaesthetised and on her operating table. This is not actually true. The people Jac Naylor can relate to, or who can relate to her, are straightforward, honest people. People with, aptly enough, open hearts.

sacha rachel holbyThe living embodiment of this quality is Sacha Levy, which partly explains why scenes involving him and Jac are always so lovely. They’re also rare, because they don’t work on the same ward, so it was marvellous this week when an elderly patient (from a very sweet storyline) asked Sacha to be present in his wife’s operation, thus putting Sacha and Jac in the same operating theatre.

jac sacha holbySacha was worried about his daughter, whose leukaemia isn’t responding to treatment. Jac’s response to this news was some of her top-grade emotionally expressive eye work, given that she was wearing a surgical mask at the time. Later, Sacha asked Jac to shave his hair, so he could show a united front with Rachel who was worried about being “puffy and bald.” This was a completely perfect scene, as Sacha wasn’t the only one with child-based worries. Jac was wondering whether she had the qualities to ever be a mother. Sacha said of course she did, and the expression on Jac’s face was wonderful (like Guy Henry, Rosie Marcel’s acting is ninja level). “A tiny Naylor. There’s a thought,” said Sacha, sweetly.  

jonny jac holbyThere was a thought, indeed. To add more food to the thought, writer Justin Young had thrown in a cute child for Jonny Mac to look after while all this was going on. A red-haired child, too – she could almost have been a tiny Naylor herself. Jonny’s paternal qualities weren’t lost on Jac, or Mo, who later told the child a story about the “skinny ginger witch and the annoying Scottish prince.” Who could she mean?

jac holbyEventually Jonny Mac found out that Jac was pregnant, but Jac said she probably wasn’t pregnant any more, because she’d been bleeding. He got her to do a test. Right at the end of the episode, he walked into an operating theatre where Jac was about to start surgery. “Are we going to do this thing?” he said. Did he mean the operation? I suppose if you were the anaesthetist or a nurse you’d have thought so, but we knew he meant having a baby. And her reply? “Looks like it.” Hurrah!

chantelle digby holbyElsewhere, Digby, sweet old-fashioned thing that he is, had made a mix tape for Chantelle featuring some of his favourite tunes, the first letter of the titles of which just happened to spell CHANTELLE. And Channers, with her facility for wordsearch puzzles, worked it out in no time. Sadly, her reaction didn’t look overwhelmingly positive, but her options are narrowing since we discovered that Rhys is “doing half the nurses in Paeds.” That’s the kind of behaviour that can have illiterate vigilantes daubing your house with red paint in the wee small hours.

If only Digby had the confidence of Harry Tressler. The ladies love Harry, and indeed I’m teetering on the verge of having to call him The World’s Most Beautiful CT1. Dr Honey spent the whole episode making sarcastic comments about what he might or might not have been getting up to with that minx Mary-Claire. Not that she’s jealous or anything.

Next time: Malick is in deep trouble; could wee Daniel be Rachel’s only hope? and Jac and Jonny try to get their heads round the whole parenthood thing.

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7 responses to “Holby City: A tiny Naylor. There’s a thought

  1. Emma

    So glad I wasn’t the only one who saw the significance of Jonny Mac looking after a red-haired child. Friend walks into room, sees TV, and says, “Is that their daughter?”, and I was like YES BECAUSE IT’S SYMBOLIC AND FORESHADOWING AND EVERY SINGLE LITERARY DEVICE EVER.

    And Jac and Sacha was just lovely. And tearjerking acting. Someone give them both a medal. And not the chocolate kind.

    And The Malick was brilliant embarrassing poor Digby Dog. And the tension between him and Doctor Quiffed Hair (I believe he might be called Dominic?). Never trust anyone with hair that coiffed.

    • pauseliveaction

      Dr Dominic’s hair was a bit less coiffed than it has been previously. It was like the Leaning Tower of Jedward last week.

  2. Dreamer

    I would love it if the Waking the Dead guy happens to be Jac’s baby’s father. 😀

  3. holbylover819

    Aww Dr Digby’s so romantic. I mean he may not be good with words but seeing him putting so much thought into expressing his feelings for Chantelle was so sweet!
    And he’s a million times better than Rhys. Jus’ sayin’.

  4. Eilis

    I find the two new doctors very forgettable. Maybe they’ll grow on me.
    I love the whole pregnant Jac thing and hope everything works out for Sasha and his daughter.

    I realised last week that Digby reminds me of Fargo from Eureka after watching him in a guest spot on Warehouse 13 – who he? says you all I suppose!

    And I’ve read good review of Hari Dhillon’s play and of his performance in it.

  5. Sausage

    I hope it is jonnys baby and not Sean’s :/

    • pauseliveaction

      Me too, but someone mentioned in a comment on here a while back that the dates wouldn’t add up for it to be Sean’s.

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