Holby City: A need-to-know situation

(Series 15, ep.30) For anyone who missed the throwaway comment the other week about Jac and Jonny sleeping together after the tragic loss of Tara, it was included in the recap at the beginning of this one, followed by Jac getting the news about her endometriosis. Keep these things in mind, because we’ll be needing them by the end of proceedings.

malick holbyBut first to Keller, where Malick was given the task of looking after the girlfriend of a serial killer. Only he wasn’t to think of her as the girlfriend of a serial killer. She was just supposed to be “a body on the table.” He didn’t bother to warn his staff about who they’d be dealing with and just told them not to react when they recognised her from television. They were probably expecting Lorraine Kelly or Gail from Coronation Street, which meant it was all a bit of a shock to find they were caring for Amanda, a woman who’d refused to give evidence against her boyfriend, a nasty man who’d killed lots of women. Chantelle found it impossible to even raise a smile, never mind get a cannula in straight. Luckily new F1 Dominic seemed pretty competent, when he wasn’t busy casting adoring glances and compliments in the direction of Malick (dear Malick, he needs that, what with being so under-confident).

malick dominic holbyMalick himself found it difficult to maintain his professional judgement, and allowed a policeman who’d been on the case for 12 years and needed one last crack at it before he retired (don’t they always) to question Amanda while she was just recovering from major surgery. Throw in the fact that the serial killer had just killed himself, and Amanda was in what we might call a vulnerable state. This led to her literally turning her insides inside-out (ugh).

Malick was carpeted for that one by Hanssen. “Ego is the distance between one’s capabilities and one’s actions,” the Swedish sage informed him. Was this on Malick’s mind when he grappled with himself later on about whether to resuscitate her or not? She also had cancer and had given instructions that she wasn’t to be resuscitated if the situation arose from that. But he had thought she was suicidal and had called a psych consult, so the advance directive didn’t apply. Or did it? It was a dilemma, but he went ahead and saved her life. And then got thumped by the mother of one of the serial killer’s victims.

rachel sacha holbyGuts hanging out, tales of evil deeds, Michael Spence looking cross… Keller was not a happy place to be this week. Don’t even think of looking to AAU for light relief. Down there in the Hall of Doom, Sacha discovered that his daughter Rachel has leukaemia. Oh, scriptwriters. I know tragedy, conflict and upsets are the engines of drama, but not poor Sacha. I can’t bear to see him unhappy. Isn’t being married to Chrissie enough suffering for one man? Luckily, he has Ric Griffin on his side, a man who is practically the human embodiment of the phrase “pep talk” these days.

For laughs we need to go to Darwin, where the patient of the week was one of these hypochondriacs who turns out to have something real wrong with them in the end. But for most of the time, she was dramatically flinging herself out of a wheelchair she didn’t need and being snarky to Jac. “Where’s a better doctor?” she said. “One who isn’t going to inflict their disappointment with life on to me?” She knew a bit about Jac’s disappointments, as she’d read the letter from Jac’s gynaecologist.

jac mo holbyMo – with a foxy new hairdo (‘Better than being bald,” was Jac’s assessment) – had noticed something about the notoriously pie-averse Jac, which was confirmed when Jac received a call from the gynaecologist. “Your bum’s changed,” said Mo. “I knew you were pregnant!” Fans of the double-headed entity known as “Janny” may have squeeeed with excitement at that point, but let’s not forget her one-night-stand with Sean. Whoever the father is, I just love the idea of Jac being pregnant. She’s already one of the most multi-dimensional characters on TV, but adding in pregnancy and jac holbymotherhood to a woman who’s so famously controlled and controlling is going to be fascinating to watch. She’s already let her vulnerable side show with baby Freya, and with Jonny Mac, but when you’re pregnant you become public property, in an odd way. Jac’s not going to take to that at all well, and you can bet Mo will be on hand for unwanted advice. I can’t wait.

Next time: Malick has to decide whether to help the serial killer’s victim’s mother find out the truth, and there’s a posh new doctor on AAU.

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3 responses to “Holby City: A need-to-know situation

  1. LottyC

    Great summary of last nights spectacular episode. I feel the same way, pregnant Jac is going to be VERY interesting…

  2. Wiggles247

    fab review as always. So glad you included a screen shot of Jac’s reaction to the news that’s she going to be a mum – Rosie’s facial expressions are always fantastic, and she excelled herself there!!!

  3. jazzy

    WoW! Mo’s hair!!!! Loving it. Who is the hairdresser?

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