Holby City: Wise old heads

ric mary-claire holby(Series 15, ep.29) Is Serena trying to get rid of Ric Griffin? Is that why she’s banished one of Holbyshire’s leading general surgeons to the reservoir of surplus emergency cases that is known as AAU, which everyone keeps insisting is a “young man’s game”? She needs to be careful he doesn’t have her for constructive dismissal if that’s her plan. She claims his emergency medicine skills are “outdated.” This would be because he’s a consultant general surgeon. Honestly, it makes no sense, it really doesn’t.

His comfort zone is very much the operating theatre, so he spent much of the episode there trying to hide from AAU (where someone yells “Mr Griffin!” literally every three seconds) by performing a laparotomy at the same time as an emergency procedure on a patient. It made clinical sense, and it also bought him a bit of quiet time away from the hurly burly of bedpans and puke. He also found time for a little bit of brain surgery, which obviously was excellent fun for him, but didn’t go down well with Serena. “It’s not an AAU procedure,” she said. Well, no, but Ric follows in the proud tradition of Linden Cullen and Michael Spence in doing stuff on AAU that’s ever so slightly a bit too risky for AAU, and therefore he’s a better fit for the Ward of Doom than Serena perhaps anticipated.  

michael digby holbySpeaking of Michael Spence, his current gig is on Keller, where the collision of two of the biggest egos in the NHS (his and The Malick’s) provided excellent entertainment. Malick wanted to impress cute new F1 Dominic Copeland (David Ames) and invited him to observe a procedure “that I, The Malick, will perform in Mr Griffin’s absence.” He was usurped by the higher power of Michael Spence, tucking into sushi (brought by Digby) and channelling his inner Mr Miyagi (“I’m the clinical lead. Wax on, wax off”) in his mentoring style.

As an aside, is cute new F1 Dominic Copeland turning Malick’s head away from the lovely Nathan? It looks like it. Maybe our Antoine isn’t quite ready to settle down and meet his other half’s mother just yet.

elliot ollie holbyDr Oliver Valentine continued to express his grief over Tara via the medium of looking moody and being horrible to Prof Elliot Hope. His grief is so profound that it’s beyond the scope of the usual hospital counsellor to deal with it, and Ollie was pencilled in for a meeting with psychiatric doctor Sharon Kozinsky (Madeleine Potter). He didn’t bother to turn up, but she appeared on Darwin anyway, because his heart patient needed a bit of psychiatric input as he was convinced the heart that had been transplanted in him was evil and had to be removed. Ollie failed to mention this bit of information to Dr K, with the inevitable result that the patient attempted the procedure himself with a lump of broken glass. Ouch. Dr K reported the whole thing to Hanssen, and both Ollie and Elliott are in hot water with The Boss (Hanssen, not Bruce Springsteen, who couldn’t give a hoot, frankly).

Did Oliver thank Elliot for attempting to stand up for him and protect him? Nuh-uh. Walked straight past him at the end of the shift. I know the lad has to mourn and so on, but I do hope he sorts himself out soon and gets back to being a little bit flirty/scared with Jac, doing the big-eyes thing as opposed to the blank-eyes thing and producing amusing one-liners.

The episode ended on a philosophical note, with old-timers Ric and Elliot sitting outside, pondering the skies above Borehamwood, the Hollywood of Hertfordshire. Elliot remembered the days before there was so much light pollution, when you could look at the stars (and the fireworks from the Big Brother house on eviction night) rather than just see aeroplane lights. But, he mused, “there are still stars up there.” Yes there are. And there’s still room in a hospital full of smart juniors for a pair of wise, experienced seniors. As long as Serena’s around to help them keep their skills updated.

Next time: Big news for Jac! Bad news for Sacha! And a tricky customer for Malick.

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9 responses to “Holby City: Wise old heads

  1. Kat

    Not a great episode. The new F1 has something creepy about him. It’s hard to feel sorry for Ollie because he’s just so annoying. I normally find the AAU scenes a bore but last night they were the only redeeming bits. All the “Mr Griffin!” a shouts a bit OTT but love Mary-Claire. I don’t think Serena wants rid of Ric at all, quite the opposite actually, I think she’s taken a shine to him and the whole updating thing is an excuse to spend extra time with him. Michael on Keller is a bore. If Ric is to be left on AAU then more banter with Serena will be a requirement.

    • pauseliveaction

      Maybe we’ll find out if Serena has taken a shine to Ric when her ex-husband the anaesthetist turns up.

      • Kat

        The ex-husband isn’t due until the summer is he? That’s just about the timing for a typical Holby pairing to get through the usual stages of:
        ‘I hate you’,
        ‘I might like you’,
        ‘Actually I fancy the pants off you’,
        ‘We’re in love’,
        ‘Oops here’s a Huge Crisis to split us up’.


  2. Maria

    It was a tedious episode. I still think Ric is a misfit on AAU and Michael (although worked on Keller before), he’s more suited to Keller. The new F1 did not impress me at all F1 but I will give him the benefit of the doubt. Tbh, the new characters introduced in this series apart from Digby have been quite not up to the mark for Holby. Series 13 and 14 was much better with strong characters like Malick, Hanssen, Eddi, Chantelle and Luc who made a lasting impression.
    I am also thinking, does Serena like Ric as well ?

    • Hector

      I don’t get the feeling that this new F1 is being introduced as a major permanent character, though, and as far as I can recall the only 2 new major characters they’ve introduced this series have been Gemma and Arthur, unless I’m wrong? Gemma’s still a bit of an unknown, but Arthur’s fantastic – so don’t think they’re doing too badly!

  3. Martin Rosen

    i thought Henrik Hanssen was going to spend time on the wards, however last night he was still ‘inviting’ people to his office, and Professor Hope and the psychi woman reported the good Professor and Valentine to him.

    BTW Whatever happened to Nigel Bates in EastEnders ?!!!!

  4. Maria

    Edited: I meant to say Michael is more suited to AAU (sorry).

  5. holbylover819

    I nearly fell off the sofa when Mary-Claire appeared in the opening sequence.

  6. Blue midnight

    Wasn’t the ep set the day after last weeks, so I’m hoping double H might be on the ward more from next week…here’s hoping.

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