Holby City: The lads aren’t coping well

(Series 15, ep.28)  Following last week’s harrowing events it was business as usual at Holby, once you stepped over the Tara Lo Makeshift Shrine on the front steps.

ollie holbyHow was Young Dr Oliver Valentine coping with his grief? You’d have to say, not well at all.  That’s what Jac said, anyhow. “How’s the patient?” Hanssen asked her (about a patient). “Stable,” she said. “Which is more than can be said for Valentine.” Well, indeed. He was insisting on working, which was handy because then he could act out his anguish on his patients – or, more particularly, their relatives. The issue was a young man who’d inherited a life-limiting condition from his mother, but the parents hadn’t told him about it because they didn’t want to ruin his life with worry. Unfortunately this chimed badly with Ollie, who charged around like a bull in a china shop making sure truths were told. This was because he blamed Elliot for not telling him about Tara’s condition sooner. He thought if he’d known about it, he could have persuaded her to have the surgery earlier and the outcome might have been less fatal.  

Obviously it’s not fair to blame lovely, kindly Elliot Hope, but equally obviously Ollie needed someone to blame and shout at, and Elliot is wise enough to mop it up. Equally obviously, we can’t have Ollie cracking up and ranting all over Darwin. Heart patients need peace and quiet more than most. So Hanssen has given him a choice – either stay at home, or visit the hospital counsellor, who’s been twiddling his thumbs since he sorted out Luc Hemingway and Gemma and has had nothing to do but gaze across the rooftops of Borehamwood and put his paper tissue collection in order of absorbency ready for the next bout of sobbing.

He might have come in handy this week, actually. At one point there was a deluded patient perched in an open office window high above the car park (even higher than the Window of Regret), believing he could fly. That’s the sort of situation where an experienced counsellor could really help, but in this case all it needed was for Michael Spence to dash in, grab him and haul him back to safety.

chantelle digby holbyThe patient belonged (in the “he’s my patient” sense) to Digby. Like Dr Valentine, Digby wasn’t coping well this week. The poor lad was buckling under the pressure of being the best F1 in the hospital. “I only won that prize because Gemma had a hangover and Tara was dying,” he fretted. While that is an accurate summary of the state of his main rivals last week, he underestimates himself, though it is true there’s room for improvement as far as his practical skills are concerned. His comfort zone is books, computers and theory (yup, he’s a geek), but when the yucky stuff starts flying he panics. Luckily, the Sunniest Nurse in the World, Chantelle, has his back, and she has a ready supply of paper bags to breathe into. They make a lovely team, and they’d make a very sweet couple, too, if Chantelle didn’t keep getting phone calls from the odious Rhys just when Digby has plucked up the courage to ask her out for a curry.

michael holbyFor some reason, Michael Spence was on Keller this week (and am I very odd for finding the way he said, “Okay, he’s peripherally shut down!” rather thrilling?), which bumped Ric down to the Hall of Doom known as AAU, despite Serena saying it was “a young man’s game.” He got the traditional AAU welcome – someone was sick on his shoes – and he found those flighty young things Mary-Claire and Gemma to be somewhat difficult to deal with. He’s lucky it was Chrissie’s day off. Maybe Ric is showing the signs of wear and tear. Not only is it getting difficult to control the young ’uns, but he can no longer properly interpret a scan picture without his specs. This almost led to a man going into an MRI scan (a huge magnet, basically) with a gut-full of pointy metal in him from an old shrapnel wound. “Lucky I was here,” Gemma said, with a cocky smile. While this was technically true, I felt she deserved at least a withering glance from Ric for being a smug junior, but he issued her with an indulgent smile instead. See what I mean? He’s losing his grip.

mary-claire serena holbyWorse was to come for him, anyway. Serena announced that Hanssen is “going back to the floor,” which effectively means that Serena will henceforth be “effectively in charge.” Ouch. There was good news for Mary-Claire, though. Serena wants her to take on a permanent job rather than just be agency staff. The bad news is she wont be allowed to read magazines while she’s meant to be working any more.

Next time: Conflict all over the place – Elliot and Ollie; Malick and Michael; and Ric and his “passion for emergency medicine.”

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21 responses to “Holby City: The lads aren’t coping well

  1. Eilis

    I seem to have been so busy on Tuesday evenings I’ve missed quite a bit of Holby but I enjoyed last night’s episode. I’m not keen on Gemma, she was very offhand with Sacha as well as Ric. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of Hanssen but don’t relish Serena in charge. And at long last @NiamhMcGrady is being made a regular.

  2. Martin Rosen

    Sorry, I must just query one phrase from your excellent writing. “the outcome might have been less fatal”. What is this? Not dying, or almost dying?!!!!!!!!

  3. Mr Donnelly

    I thought we’d seen the last of Marie-Claire when she didn’t get the permanent job Chantelle was offered. I’m glad to see her back – I hope she accepts the post and, as I’ve said before, gets a photo-shot in the opening credits.

    • pauseliveaction

      Oh yes! That’ll be the sign that she’s a “proper” cast member at last.

    • Was she offering her a job then? I thought she was threatening her – apply for (and get) a permanent job when one comes up, or you won’t be kept on as an agency nurse. (Serena may of course have had in mind that Marie Claire should apply for one she knows is about to be advertised). Given the kerfuffle when Chantelle was told she should apply for a permanent position (seems proper nursing posts are like gold dust at Holby), and the hoops she was made to jump through, despite everyone knowing what a brilliant nurse,she is, it seems odd that the altogether poorer nurse (lazy, sly, dishonest), Marie-Claire, would just be offered one apparently conjured up by Serena from thin air. .

  4. Speaking of photo=shots, they took Tara (Jing) off quickly didn’t they? Yeah I thought we’d seen the last of Marie – Claire as well. The moral of the story last night for Ric was to have his glasses on string like Elliot. I love Elliot, he is a proper old school doctor! Who perhaps with Gina knows more than more most people what Olly is going through. We also seen a new F1 last night in the pub – seem to be ‘the’ place to see new cast now!

  5. Wiggles247

    Excellent review as ever but you missed a bit off the Darwin story = Jac and Jonny’s revelation re what they got up to after Tara died (I know it was almost a blink and you’ll miss it scene but……)

  6. Emma

    Poor Ollie – is it wrong that I found his grieving and vulnerable stubbly look absolutely dee-lish?

    And out of 60 mins of HC, I’m proud to say that I’m still obsessing over the “30 Seconds With Jac and Jonny”.

    I need help. Thanks for keeping me sane, PLA.

  7. holbylover819

    What happened Rhys?! I wanted you to be happy with Mary-Claire(seen reading a Marie-Claire mag) and to leave Chantelle alone. He and Mary-Claire deserve each other. As do Chantelle and Digby. I can see some similarities between Serena and Marie-Claire, maybe they’ll team up to… do something bad anyway, I mean with those two in partnership nothing good is bound to happen.

  8. Love your reviews on holby city each week.. loved the scene with jac and jonny he mentioned how vunerable she was and and she retorted back that he didn’t exactly kicked her out of bed.. Actually squeaked when I hear.. definately reckon this will be a lead up to jac being pregnant.. what you think?

  9. Wiggles247

    Also, can I just say that I’m finding the picture of that blonde lady (sorry I don’t know who she is – although she definitely has more than a passing resemblance to Tanya off of Eastenders) you have at the top of the page now quite disturbing. I think it’s something about the fixed grin she appears to be wearing

    • pauseliveaction

      It’s someone from Parks & Recreation – Inkface blogged about it a while back. I will replace her (the woman from P&R, not Inkface, who is irreplaceable) with Hari Dhillon when I have a spare moment.

  10. Wiggles247

    There was really no need, but thanks anyway…….

  11. HolbyNut

    I also think Jac will end up being pregnant. Why else would there have been all of that OBGYN chat a month or so ago…

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