Holby City: I do. I absolutely do. Yes, I do

oli tara wedding holby(Series 15, ep.26)  The Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery has never looked lovelier. Twinkly fairy lights, hearts and flowers festooned the shrubs and turned it into a little grotto of sparkly festivity. The bride looked radiant – she had flowers in her hair and was wearing a cute little furry cape (essential as the episode was apparently filmed in December). The groom looked dashing and handsome, if a tad nervous, and the fairy lights were reflected in his lovely blue eyes. Blessikins.

wedding holbyWho’d have guessed (without access to Twitter etc) at the start of the episode that the hour would end in the wedding of Dr Tara Lo and Dr Oliver Valentine? They weren’t even engaged at the beginning. The proposal wasn’t the most romantic of events, either. Tara needed a next of kin who wouldn’t refuse her request to donate her organs if/when she died, as her parents were opposed to That Sort of Thing. Oliver was not opposed, and, as he confessed to Jac later, loves Tara to bits, so he agreed. On the eve of her horrible and scary surgery, they decided to get married. “Keep the champagne to a minimum and make sure she gets an early night,” was the ominous message from Tara’s neurologist.  

oli jac holbyOliver wasn’t entirely sure he could cope with the whole marriage/impending surgery/possible widowerhood thing, though. As often happens in times of pre-wedding crisis, Jac was on hand to offer sympathetic advice. “Ditch the self-pity – you’re not the one with their brains being sucked out tomorrow.” She has such a way with words.

So Oli and Tara became the Lo-Valentines, in front of an assembled throng of their mates from Darwin. And don’t think I didn’t spot Jac shooting little glances at Jonny Mac whenever the word “love” was mentioned. The only thing that was missing was rice, for throwing purposes. Elliot arrived equipped with dried couscous instead. An unconventional confetti for an unconventional wedding.

malick jake holbyWhile this was all going on, Malick was being impressed by (and trying to impress) a flashy surgeon from Newcastle. He was so impressed that he was even thinking of applying for a job there. “He’s demonstrated a desire for self-improvement,” Ric said, sarcastically. The flashy surgeon hinted that the job would be Malick’s if he wanted it, but these days Malick has other responsibilities. His other responsibility, also known as Jake, was busy in the basement getting drunk with the daughter of his dad’s patient. This is because he’s still grieving for his mum, obviously, and needs the steady guidance of the biggest ego in the NHS. Malick realised this, and possibly also realised the difficulty of fitting in in Newcastle when you pronounce it Noocastle, so he decided not to go for the job. “The salary was crap,” he told Jake. “The Malick doesn’t come cheap.”

hanssen gemma holbyWe knew that Gemma’s Dr Honey past would come back to haunt her eventually, and it did this week in the form of the son of one of her patients, who had previously been Gemma’s stalker. His presence ruffled her a lot and she had to tell Sacha and Michael what was going on. Michael threw stalker-boy out, but he went and complained to Hanssen. There was a wonderful Hanssen scene where he was sitting looking at all the Dr Honey pictures on his computer while Gemma sat at the other side of the desk trying to maintain her professional poise. She explained that she’d been providing an essential public health service, in assisting teenage boys with their problems. There were many comments Hanssen could have made about this, but he is a refined man and he stayed silent.

Next time: Will Tara get through her surgery? Will Malick tell Jake he’s gay? And will Gemma withdraw the resignation she just gave Hanssen?

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12 responses to “Holby City: I do. I absolutely do. Yes, I do

  1. Tara and Liffey

    The guy who played the fancy posh surgery guy was in casualty (he was Claire’s brother and he raped Bex in series 19) so I just couldn’t stop thinking ‘he’s horrible, he’s going to hurt someone or be scamming you all’ but then he wasnt. He was also a pathologist who made loads of mistakes in Silent Witness a few years ago or something like that so I was kind of distracted in any scenes with him in.

    I really enjoyed this episode and I would leave a more coherent comment but my brain doesn’t seem engaged today so thanks for the entertaining review as always and I’ll look forward to reading next week!


    • pauseliveaction

      I knew I’d seen him in something before and I knew I was instinctively not liking him because of it, so thanks for reminding me about his role in Casualty.

      • Tara and Liffey

        Haha, it was really bugging me, I recognised him instantly because I hated that character so much! And I was only about nine at the time but he was my tv nemesis if you like…

  2. Dawnk

    Although we are now allowed to get married almost anywhere, it does have to be licensed and does have to be indoors, but I suppose authenticity isn’t as romantic as an outdoor wedding, at night with lots of twinkling fairly lights. If it was legal to get married outdoors, I am sure that there are much prettier and more appropriate places to do it. That night thing is also a problem – unless it has been quietly changed, and I can’t imagine it being quiet – weddings are only allowed between 8am and 6pm. Still, why let a little thing like authenticity get in the way of a good storyline? Before long everyone will be wanting to get married in the hospital grounds – well maybe not at our local hospital.

    • pauseliveaction

      It wouldn’t be the most romantic setting at our local hospital, either – you’d have to shift all the smokers in their dressing gowns pushing their drip stands first.

      It was a lovely idea to get married in the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery, though. I’m sure it’s what he would have wanted.

      • Wiggles247

        I’m not sure if the law has actually changed but I know you were meant to be able to get married at any time from last year sometime – thanks to the ‘Protection of Freedoms Act 2012’ of all things!!!
        I still don’t think you’re allowed to get married outside though, and am sure you can’t get married on the same day you apply either.

        But it was a lovely ceremony (although I’d have thought the Linden Cullen memorial chapel would have been warmer!) and you do have to allow the script writers a bit of dramatic licence I suppose!!!

      • pauseliveaction

        Tara had a seizure in the LC Memorial Chapel the other week, so it probably holds bad memories for her. Plus I think there’s a rule about not having a civil wedding in a religious place (even though the LCMC is faith-unspecific). Plus the fairy lights looked very pretty outdoors.

  3. Martin Rosen

    I liked the Consultant’s opening remark, “Call me Al” (cue Paul Simon!!)

  4. Wiggles247

    Wasn’t that the Darwiin prayer room?

    • Wiggles247

      Although agree that the fairy lights did look lovely (although do wonder where they all came from at such short notice – they didn’t like the frankly quite inferior ones which hang on NHS christmas trees all over the land!!) And must admit had forgotten about the whole non-religious rule in civil ceremonies..

    • pauseliveaction

      Do they have a prayer room for each ward? I thought there was just one for the whole hospital. Though it does change its appearance sometimes, so who knows…

      • Wiggles247

        Well I know there is a prayer room on Darwin (never seen one on Keller though), but don’t think that’s the same place that LInden used to go to. Surely, a chapel/faith room would need to be open-access for everyone to use (rather than just patients on a specific ward).

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