Holby City: What happened in the prayer room?

fraser ayres jing lusi holby(Series 15, ep.24)  Even to the casual observer, something is very wrong with Dr Tara Lo. When faced with Oli in his PJ’s asking “Why you aren’t coming back to bed?” what right-minded person would opt to stay with the textbooks instead?

That aside, she’s been exhibiting a few more symptoms recently. Little lapses of concentration, gaps in her memory, falling-over and so on. Then there was a recent MRI scan that showed her tumour had grown. She’s on strict instructions to report that sort of thing immediately to Hanssen, but she’s stubborn, driven, in denial etc, so she’s been ignoring it, with almost fatal consequences for her patients as we saw last week.

Something had to give, and what gave was Tara’s knees as she went crashing to the floor in the prayer room. It wasn’t a bout of religious fervour, it was some kind of tumour-related seizure. Luckily she was with a rather calm trainee monk, who didn’t bother shouting “Can we have some help in here?” but sat with her till she came round. Unluckily, the monk was a friend of Tara’s patient, who was in line for the experimental Herzig 3 artificial heart, and the monk didn’t think his friend should risk having the procedure. Persuade him not to have it, the monk said, and I won’t tell anyone about your fits. You could tell from this that he wasn’t exactly gold-standard monk material.  

oli tara hanssen holbyIt was all a great excuse for some monkly brains-speaking about illness, death, the afterlife and so on (“I don’t fear the destination, but only a fool wouldn’t be worried about the journey”). But Oli got wind that all was not well with Tara, got his hands on the missing MRI results and did the right thing – he went to Hanssen. And whatever journey Tara is on, Oli has promised he’ll be with her “every step of the way.” Apart from the last step, presumably, if the worst comes to the worst.

malick digby holbyOn Keller, Digby continues to develop into a completely wonderful character. He’s kind and clever and funny, but he finds people and their unpredictable ways difficult. It was Chantelle’s birthday, but she was fed up about the investigation about Serena’s mother hanging over her and she said she didn’t want any fuss and wanted her birthday kept secret. Digby said he wasn’t all that good with secrets, then he was handed another one to keep when he discovered that Jake (who is back working on Keller) doesn’t know his dad is gay. It was all most bamboozling for Digby and provided some great comedy moments when he tried to protect Malick from the “embarrassment” of having to look at a patient’s groin area. Jimmy Akingbola and Rob Ostlere are really good together in these comedy scenes.

digby holbyThere was a huge amount of brains-speaking going on with this patient, who was a reality TV star of some sort. “All I need to do is be myself,” he told Digby. “I just have to work really hard at it.” This didn’t really help Digby. “Being myself doesn’t really work for me,” he said. He was totally confused when the other staff members set up a little surprise for Chantelle’s birthday. He thought she’d be furious, but she was thrilled. That’s women for you. In fact, that’s people for you. Never do what you expect. Digby didn’t expect Chantelle to kiss him on the cheek, and he certainly didn’t expect her to agree to go out for a drink with him. But, bless him, it was probably more in line with his expectations when she decided to go out with former boyfriend Rhys instead.

On AAU, now that Chrissie has reclaimed Rodolfo’s, Sacha has had to resort to going to Fit Club again.

Next time: It’s not looking good for Tara and she’s put on clerical duties only; and Serena may be rethinking taking action against the hospital. And more Digby (I’m wearing my “Digby for the F1 Prize” rosette as I’m typing this).

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4 responses to “Holby City: What happened in the prayer room?

  1. Can we get some rosettes made and advertise them on Digital Spy, sure we’d make a killing (prob not PC for a hospital series). 😉

  2. Dreamer

    I wouldn’t say Digby is kind as he’s a bit of a dick towards Chantelle.

  3. Tara and Liffey

    Eggsshellent (see what I did there?!?) review per usual, I enjoyed this episode, I love Digby! He’s just so adorably clueless in everything except useful knowledge. I just wanted to give him a big hug when Chantelle went off to meet Ianto. I’m not sure how the character name is spelt. Rhys? Reece? Rees? There are way too many spellings of this name…

    We do need to make rosettes, I would join you in wearing one but in regards to the f1 prize why is Tara participating in the exact same prize contest thingy as Gemma and Arthur when they only started a few months ago but she’s been there over a year? That has thrown me… I was watching the episodes before Oli and Tara got together properly and they had such good chemistry and loads of cute scenes then but for some reason now they’ve argued so much it doesn’t quite work as well as it should… They disagree over far too many things.

    Pssht, I need to stop going off on spiels but, like I said, your review was incredibly enjoyable as always 🙂


    • pauseliveaction

      Thank you T&L. I totally agree with you about Oli and Tara – there was chemistry between them earlier on. I’m not convinced there isn’t chemistry now. I definitely see it from his side, but I think as a character she’s too wrapped up in herself to pay him much attention, and I suppose in her situation you can’t really blame her. In that spect she’s a bit like Jac. They’ve both created a defensive wall around them because they’re driven people who have to cope with a specific circumstance (Jac’s mother, Tara’s illness). It takes a special person and a determined effort to get through that kind of barrier, as poor Oli and Jonny Mac are both discovering.

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