Casualty: What’s up, doc?

casualty(Series 27, Ep. 28) It’s lovely when Casualty goes all seasonal. The fairy lights and fake snow that signal Christmas. The hideous burns that say “Bonfire Night.” And, especially for Easter, an Easter Bunny off his face on stolen hospital drugs derailing a ghost train carrying one of Holby ED’s star junior nurses. Heartwarming.

robyn casualtyThe derailed nurse was Robyn, who was all aboard the train of fear with an old “friend,” who was one of these frenemy types who kept undermining Robyn’s career choice at every opportunity. Naturally when she ended up upside-down under a crashed ghost train carriage she was only too pleased to be in the company of a skilled and relatively unscathed mate.

tom sam casualtyMeanwhile, Tom and Sam were unravelling the complex family relationships of the funfair’s owner, his son, his secret daughter, his dead wife and his mother-in-law Anita Dobson off of EastEnders. This culminated in Tom pushing the fairground owner over (he deserved it) in a corridor and being sent home by Ash. Army Dr Sam rushed over in her annoying little car to see if Tom was ok and he had a little cry on her shoulder.

Next time: More Tom, more Sam and a “little boxing champ.”

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3 responses to “Casualty: What’s up, doc?

  1. Dreamer

    Tam/Som/whatever are oh, so boring. And was it just me or did that episode seem pointless/like a filler?

    • pauseliveaction

      I’m finding Casualty in general a bit take-it-or-leave-it at the moment. There just aren’t any really compelling staff storylines of the Ruth/Jay sort. Some of the patient stories have been good, but because they change every week, or two weeks at most, it’s hard to get properly involved. I much prefer Holby with its emphasis on the staff stories. The characters on Holby are much stronger, too.

  2. Oli

    I agree Holby is a lot stronger at the moment. Sam and Tom are boring and I loathe Tom’s character to a Tara level! The student nurses all seem to be non entities and the show is concentrating on them quite heavily. The show feels like it’s treading water at the moment. Having said that these 2 episodes were some of the better ones we’ve had for a while. Good patient story lines.

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