Coronation Street: The Rovers burns!

coronation street fireSo the Rovers Return as we know it is no more. Gutted (or “ga’id” as they say on EastEnders) by a fire started by the ghastly Carl, which has claimed the life of expendable only-here-for-the-plot firefighter Toni and is presumably about to claim the life of Sunita (since Shobna Gulati is no longer working for Coronation Street). Presumably it’s also claimed the memorial picture of Betty Williams that used to hang on the wall, too.

The fire scenes were rather exciting and well done, and quite amusingly juxtaposed with the team of “stripping” firefighters over at Nick’s Bistro.

Actually, most of the heat generated from the fire episodes will have been from viewers cringing with embarrassment at the sight of the likes of Factory Owner Rob, Jason the Builder and Dr Carter gyrating toplessly (and cluelessly, in most cases). I was especially shocked by Dr Carter’s behaviour. I know he’s meant to be youngish and trendyish and has already been out with Tina McIntyre (who dumped him because he was boring), but would a GP really get involved in stripping in front of his patients? If there isn’t something in the Hippocratic Oath about that, there should be. I can only thank every deity you can name that my GP hasn’t thought of doing it. Ugh.  

I expect Nick Tilsley will be rubbing his hands with glee at the prospect of the extra business he’s going to do while the Rovers is closed for repairs. The Rovers regulars are going to have to go somewhere for their refreshments, and they couldn’t possibly stagger far enough to reach the Wethy Arms or the Flying ‘Orse on a normal day.

It looks from the preview of the next episode that the finger of blame is going to be twitching in Our Jason’s direction, and I’m not happy about that. One kind of storyline that really annoys me is the “wrongly accused” genre, and we’ve already got one of those going with poor Tyrone currently languishing in prison. Hopefully Tyrone will be sprung fairly soon, as Kirsty is beginning to unravel and was spotted at her window not doing anything about helping out at the fire scene (being an ex-copper and that), mainly because she was hiding from Baby Ruby, who is currently being looked after by Julie.

We left Stella and Sunita both unconscious in hospital. Sunita had Dev keeping vigil, murmuring in his barely legible way. At Stella’s bedside, we had an acting masterclass from the legend that is Sue Johnston. Her little speech that mothers were supposed to go first was beautifully done and brought tears to my eyes.

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2 responses to “Coronation Street: The Rovers burns!

  1. remotecontrolled (kopitron)

    Couldn’t agree more about Sue Johnston! So glad she’s been able to do what she does best instead of just being a comedy character.

    • pauseliveaction

      I was glad she came back after her first batch of appearances. I like the dynamic between her, Stella and Eva (and Leanne, though I can’t stand Leanne). She’s a perfect actress for Corrie, because she can do the comedy and the serious stuff equally well.

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