Holby City: I save lives while you hold my coat

jac holby(Series 15, ep.23) There was some shockingly unprofessional behaviour in tonight’s episode and the staff need to get a grip. It was probably because Ric Griffin wasn’t on hand to let everyone know what was ethically what. It’s true that several staff members were grappling with serious personal issues, but still. Is this what we expect from the staff of Holby’s finest hospital? (Actually, yes…).

To the fragrant Miss Naylor first, who was given the news that it’s highly unlikely she’ll ever be able to have children (note the word “unlikely,” however). The casual observer may think she’s the least maternal person on the planet and wouldn’t be bothered at all by this turn of events, but we’ve known Jac for years and we know that she does, in fact, have a deeply-buried gentle side which is not immune to the charms of ickle babies. Or chirpy Scottish nurses. So it was bad news.

But onward and upward, particularly when you’ve got Susan Boyle (not that one) needing a spot of oesophageal surgery. Could it be third time lucky for Jac’s famous Japanese ship-in-a-bottle procedure? There were a few hurdles to overcome, the first being Ms Boyle’s son, who was a bit concerned about the surgery. “There’s really nothing to be scared of,” Jac assured him. “Except death,” he said. Good point. Jac sent Jonny in to have a go at persuading him. “This is your area – bonding. All that touchy-feely crap.”  

jac jonny holbyThat was harsh. After a honeymoon period of, ooh, ten minutes, Jac is back to giving Jonny a hard time. It’s easier for her to do that than to tell him what’s really going on in her life. She knows he wants kids, but she doesn’t have the confidence that he also wants her and that he might (probably would) be understanding and supportive. So she pushes him away and gets horrible. She got particularly horrible after the operation. She wasn’t feeling well and Mo knew this, so when Jac felt a bit iffy she wasn’t about to hand the scalpel to Mo. She gave it to Tara instead, who wasn’t feeling all that well herself and messed up.

Jac rescued the situation and the procedure was a success, but the whole things was an omnishambles of unprofessionality. Jac shouldn’t have been operating when she was feeling ill. Tara shouldn’t be at work at all, as her brain tumour has obviously gone lively again. Jac shouldn’t really have been so horrible to Tara when she messed up, and Jonny certainly shouldn’t have given Jac a dressing-down about it in the middle of theatre.

Jac was furious and wasted no time in telling Jonny what she thought of him. “I save lives while you hold my coat!” she told him. His response involved something about any product of her womb possibly being the Antichrist, which was obviously more stinging than he realised under the circumstances and earned him a slap.

So things aren’t looking rosy for Jac and Jonny, but at least she’s got her funding for the Japanese procedure. And Susan Boyle’s son thinks she’s lovely.

jake malick holbyAfter Anna’s funeral, Malick didn’t think Jake needed or wanted him in his life, mainly because Jake told him he didn’t need or want him in his life. Malick is fairly new to parenting and still thinks that what kids say can be taken at face value, so off he went to arrange a dirty weekend with Nathan. Then Jake and one of his mates turned up separately at the hospital, having been in a fight. Sacha didn’t know Jake was Malick’s son and called the police, which meant Malick had to get involved again and had a little bonding moment with his son in a bus shelter at the end of the episode.

Earlier, Malick and Nathan had been shockingly unprofessional in telling a man who they thought had cancer that he had just months to live. What happened to all the standard put-offs like, “We need to run a few more tests,” and, “Let’s just wait for the results of the biopsy. We’ll know more then”? Luckily the man took the news quite well – both the news of his impending death and the news that it had been indefinitely postponed because he didn’t have cancer at all.

chrissie holbySomeone else who doesn’t have cancer is Chrissie. She got the all-clear from her biopsy and Sacha saw her giving Michael Spence a celebratory and relieved hug. Any excuse, frankly. Sacha was naturally miffed that she hadn’t confided in him that she had a lump, but he wasn’t as miffed as Chrissie was when she found out that Sacha had been going to Rodolfo’s with Mo instead of Fit Club. Sacha and Chrissie were married in Rodolfo’s, so I don’t think we can begrudge her thinking of it as “their” place. She needed to re-mark her territory and get the scent of Mo off it, so she booked a table and put extra mascara on (her eyelashes, not the table). “Let’s make it a regular Tuesday thing!” she suggested. “But it’s Holby night!” PLA Jr pointed out wisely. Sacha, meanwhile, was looking wistful. Was the carbonara not up to scratch, or was he perhaps thinking that Mo was more amusing company than his lovely wife?

And in other news, Digby was trying to impress Chantelle with gifts of chocolate (free samples from the coffee bar). Chocolate is usually the way to Chantelle’s heart, but she was in an uncharacteristically unsunny mood.

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5 responses to “Holby City: I save lives while you hold my coat

  1. inkface

    Excellent photo of Jac and Jonny in the kiddies play area. All they needed to complete the picture were some cans of Special Brew.

    Also, absolutely loving your bitching about Chrissy/Mo, cos as you know, I’m no great fan of Chrissy, whereas Mo is a top bird, and much better company over carbonara I’m sure.

  2. Dreamer

    I get the feeling Chrissie is about to cheat. Again.
    I really hope they sort out the Jac/Jonny relationship cos I’m getting really annoyed with the break-ups. Ugh.

  3. holbylover819

    I’m kind of with Jac on this one. She was right to throw Tara out of theatre, Jonny shouldn’t have started arguing with her in the middle of an operation about her treatment of HER F1. She may have gone OTT with the ‘six times your salary’ but really she was trying to remind him of his place which may sound mean but she is the consultant and Jonny was wrong to question her in theatre. I think I’d feel more sorry for Jonny if he hadn’t gone completely mad just because she said she might move in with him and told him off for his unprofessional behaviour. It was quite convenient how he brought up the child thing. I can’t really blame Jac for slapping him, it was like he was a different Jonny.
    What was the point of that Chantelle Digby thing? I’d forgotten about it until you mentioned it.

    • Tara and Liffey

      I think the whole Chantelle Digby chocolate scene was to emphasise how stressed Serena’s accusation was making her.

  4. gaphex

    Oh hi! I haven’t watched holby in a good few weeks now – I’ve seemingly missed out on a lot of interesting things after getting back into it with this episode. Also, I’m passing by borehamwood in a few weeks, reckon I’ll get a look around the outside of “holby” if I ask the security gatekeeper nicely? 😉

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