Holby City: The woman that never blinks

jac holby(Series 15, ep.22)  The theme of parents and children ran through all three stories in last night’s Holby City, both for the patients and the staff.

In Darwin Jac found an ideal patient to practise her exciting Japanese surgery on. It quickly became obvious that the patient was less than ideal, as she had a phobia of hospitals after being in an accident in which her son died. Then it was discovered that she was pregnant, but it wasn’t until she was in theatre and the cry of “We’ve got a bleed!” went up, that Jac realised she’d taken some medication to make her miscarry, as she thought having a new baby was betraying her dead son.

All complex enough, but made even worse because Jac was suffering from severe pains herself and had to leave the operating theatre. She tried to pass it off as period pains, but Jonny Mac wasn’t buying that. “Come on,” he said, “You’re the woman that never blinks.” He’s actually wrong about that, as Jac has the most sarcastic blink I’ve ever seen. He was worried that the problem might be her remaining kidney, but Jac gave herself a quick ultrasound scan and ran the results (anonymously) past Serena, who said it was probably something gynaecological. Oh, typical. No sooner do we get Jac and Jonny happily back together – she even allowed him to be seen arriving at the hospital with her – and there’s a spanner in the works. Not literally, as that would have shown up on the ultrasound.  

nathan jake malick holbyOn Keller, things weren’t looking good for Anna and it was urgent for Malick to find Jake. Jake was understandably upset and angry when he found out his mother was dying, and most of his anger was directed at Malick, who seemed to be doing very little to help. Under pressure from Jake, Malick tried to perform surgery on Anna but was stopped by Ric Griffin. Ric’s main role used to be hovering behind junior staff members (FLNT, Chantelle) in a kindly and reassuring way. His current role is to heave into view just as a colleague is about to inappropriately operate on a family member and tell them to stop. “You’ve lost your clinical judgement  and you’re about to lose your patient on the table!” he said, in what must have been the highlight of his week’s script.

Meanwhile, in the House of Fun known as AAU, Dr Gemma had to bring her son to work and hide him in a side room. This happens at least once to every parent in Holby, and it’s guaranteed that the child will go missing at some point. Wee Finn Wilde didn’t go missing for very long. Basically he was just bored with his babysitter, Digby (or “Sniffles,” as Gemma calls him), who tried to wow him with an exciting computer game about the Napoleonic Wars. “It’s quite a pivotal period in history,” he explained. If Roy Cropper from Coronation Street had had a previous existence as a junior doctor, he would not be that dissimilar to Digby.

digby holbyIn between running about after Finn, Gemma had to look after a young girl who turned out to have chlamydia. It was just as well she had an embarrassing illness, because otherwise Gemma was facing a formal complaint from the girl’s father for being distracted and running off a lot. It looked like the game might be up anyway, when she found Michael Spence chatting to Finn. But he’s a dad himself, and he’s been at Holby long enough to know the thing about every parent having to take their child to work at least once, so he was in a forgiving mood.

Next time: Relationship traumas – Jac and Jonny, Nathan and Malick, and Chrissie and Sacha.

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4 responses to “Holby City: The woman that never blinks

  1. Wiggles247

    Brill review, as ever Clover. Couldn’t agree more about the annoyingness of the spanners they keep throwing in Jonny and Jac’s direction. (As I have tweeted to Justin Young – Grrrrrrrr!!!!!)

    • pauseliveaction

      Thank you Wiggles 247. Did JY reply to your tweet? I do feel sorry for Jac. They could at least have given her a couple of weeks to enjoy being with Jonny before they threw more problems at her. But sadly if she’s going to be front-and-centre of the drama, she’s going to have dramatic things happening to her. If she was too contented, she might end up like poor Ric, turning up on the margins of other people’s story lines.

  2. Wiggles247

    Not yet no, but when I was moaning (some time ago) about them only allowing Jac tiny amounts of happiness before chucking spanners at her he did say:

    “We all want to see Jac happy, but we have to be true to her character, and she has a way to go yet…”

    But I still don’t see why they can’t let her have at least one full episode where she’s happy and nothing goes wrong for her – doesn’t seem like too much to ask to me………

  3. I’m guessing “probably gynaecological” is likely going to turn out to mean “can’t have children”, rather than a life limiting condition (I know they have to shoulder their quota of seriously ill staff like every other ward, but two simultaneously dying doctors on Darwin might be pushing it, even for Holby). Which given Jonny has already put his bid in for a family and roses round the door as his idea of a happy life, is probably going to mean Jac will do the ‘decent thing’, so as not to stymie his chances of fatherhood, by blowing all cold again, without telling him why.

    Could someone tell me why Tara is still on Darwin? Didn’t she have a deal with Hanssen that she could work there as long as the tumour remained latent, and she was asymptomatic? And that she promised faithfully she would tell him if that ceased to be the case (which it has), and she became a potential danger to patients (which she has). And even if she isn’t professional enough to keep that promise, she’d be having regular ‘official’ scans to monitor her condition (and anyway, the scanner staff pass on any unofficial ones that show cause for concern – like her latest one – to Hanssen anyway).

    And yet here she is, all chipper, and pursuing her study, like she will have loadsa time to finish it, and she’s hardly a liability on the ward at all.

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