Casualty: A boy named Stef

will rush casualty(Series 27, Ep.26)  It was nice to see one of my favourite ex-Waterloo Road actors, Will Rush (AKA The Lovely Josh) turn up in Saturday’s Casualty. He played someone called Stef, which gave me terrible problems because to me Stef is a girl’s name, and every time they referred to him as “Stef” it was like they were calling him Janice or something. I hate anything that pulls me out of a story like that and makes me think about side-issues, although I admit I’m more prone to pondering side issues than most people.

That aside, it was an interesting and emotional storyline, and Will Rush was as good as he’s previously been in WR. Stef and his dad and his dad’s girlfriend were in a car crash and the dad suffered a serious head injury and he wasn’t going to survive. Ash annoyed Dr Zoe Hanna by giving Stef a bit of false hope, but basically it was about Stef coming to terms with his loss and slightly accepting his dad’s girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Linda was busy delivering a baby, which was apparently born at about the same moment Stef’s dad died. Reincarnation! And the paramedic who works with Dixie but isn’t Jeff (don’t know his name) got himself in all kinds of confusion trying to work out how Dixie could possibly be a lesbian and be married to Jeff at the same time.

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  1. Martin Rosen

    I think the other ambulance driver that isn’t Jeff or Dixie is Norman !