Waterloo Road: A wedding, a death, a serious illness and a job offer

imogen connor wedding waterloo road(Series 8, Ep. 20)  What did I love about this episode? Against expectations, I loved the wedding – particularly the part when Connor busted out his sign language moves. I’d completely forgotten that Imogen is deaf (or partly deaf), so it was unexpected but completely appropriate, touching and beautiful. It even made Emo Imogen genuinely smile.

scout waterloo road katie mcglynnI also loved the acting of Katie McGlynn as Jodie/Scout. Her useless mother died, and Jodie’s reaction was to go straight to school to sit her exam, so she could get a place at university and become a teacher and try to inspire and support kids the way the Waterloo Road staff have inspired and supported her over the years. I know – snarf at that last bit, since she spent most of this term being bullied by Nikki Boston. But we’ll forget all that for the sake of a happy ending for Scout, as we see her leave Waterloo Road for the bright lights of university. Or Coronation Street.  

kacee dynasty waterloo roadThere wasn’t all that much Barry action in this episode, but there were two nice little scenes involving Kacee. In one, Tom Clarkson caught her reading some leaflets during class and was about to tell her off, but when he saw they were about her gender issues he covered neatly and she gave him a silent little ‘thank you.’ In the other, Kacee was trying to persuade Barry to accept her, and he said something like, “You don’t even know who you are,” and she said, with a look of quiet determination, that she did know who she was. I do love the Barrys and I’m looking forward to seeing how Kacee’s story moves on.

kevin chalky waterloo roadSo what did I not love about the episode? Some of the dialogue was dreadful. Most of those kids don’t talk like any teenager I’ve ever met (and the teenager I live with agrees with me). It’s not just the kids, either. The IT expert who appeared from Down London to offer Daniel Chalk a job on the basis of his ‘addictive’ mobile phone game would have been funny if it was an episode of The Office, but in this he was just painful. Any scene Cockney Lorraine appears in is generally awful, though I did enjoy the little frisson between her and Nikki Boston (anyone remember Daniela Denby-Ashe’s foxy turn in Torchwood? YouTube here).

grantly waterloo roadAs a student of the Holby school of televisual medicine, I was a bit disturbed by the hospital’s somewhat rubbish attempt to do CPR on Scout’s mother. They didn’t even lie her flat! Since Grantly Budgen is currently in (presumably) the same hospital awaiting a kidney transplant (years of unchecked high blood pressure, apparently) I have to say I’m worried about the standard of care he can expect to receive. That pillowcase on its own would sap my will to live.

And Scout was finishing her exam at 4.30 (there was a very big clock on the wall), but all the pupils were shown leaving school some time later. Does the school day finish a lot later in Scotland? Or does Cockney Lorraine get to decide on the timings of the school day?

This and other troubling questions will have to wait until the next series, in which there’ll once again be a languages department (there’s been nothing since the last languages teacher tried to run off with a pupil), with the arrival of Angus Deayton.

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8 responses to “Waterloo Road: A wedding, a death, a serious illness and a job offer

  1. remotecontrolled (kopitron)

    What’s the betting Grantly gets Lisa Riley’s kidneys?

    Have enjoyed this series much more than previous ones recently! Capturing old Waterloo Road magic a little bit – hated some of the eps though.

    Only bug bear with this one was that there seemed to be any debate over whether Scout would be able to get an extension of time in her exam – her mother had just died for crying out loud! She shouldn’t have even been sitting it – but I agree – her determination was one of the best things about the episode and a nice round off to what has developed into one of the better acted and better written characters in recent years.

    • pauseliveaction

      Surely Lisa Riley’s kidneys will be about as useless as Grantly’s after all these years of abuse (maybe I should say the character LR was playing rather than LR herself – don’t want any calls from solicitors).

      I enjoyed this series a lot more than the previous one. The Barrys made all the difference. I was looking at the first episode of Series 1 on YouTube the other day – doesn’t seem like the same programme at all! Tom Clarkson looks about 15. I do miss Jack Rimmer and Steph Haydock.

      • remotecontrolled (kopitron)

        The kids seemed much more like kids back then too – not sure why! It certainly has changed so much! Jack Rimmer was a brilliant character, and Steph. I really liked the kids in the early series too – Bolton & Paul’s generation were great too and liked Josh & Lauren but other than that they mainly bore me. Maybe it’s because especially since the move to Glasgow the kids have come in older and we’ve not seen them grow with the show!

        I really miss Matt Wilding too – even though his character had a really boring last series! I will definitely miss Sian though!

      • remotecontrolled (kopitron)

        Oh and I agree about the Kidneys but it would be very Waterloo Road due to the convenience!

  2. Dreamer

    Lorraine/Nikki – called it! I’m pretty sure Sian/Lorraine had a thing too – at least I hope so. 😛

    Torchwood – I still miss Tosh and Ianto. 😦

  3. holbylover819

    That scene between Nikki and Lorraine felt so… right. It would’ve been weird if they’d kissed or something but that scene was perfect.
    At least Scout can make something of herself. Be come the poster girl.
    I still think Conner and Imogen are too young to be getting married. But Conner’s gothic wedding apparel suited him. And it let Michael go to Paris with Christine.
    Good for Chalky, but wasn’t Kevin supposed to be the next multi million game designer?

  4. Scott

    I had to laugh and agree with your comment about the rubbish CPR performed on Lisa Riley. “I’m sorry you had to see that” the nurse said to Scout. I couldn’t agree more 😀

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