Casualty: He’s not a real doctor

b01r5n1n(Series 27, Ep.25)  There is a widow residing in the Holby area who really needs to get her health checked, pronto. I’m not saying this just because she found Big Mac attractive. Janice Battersby found Big Mac attractive when he was in Coronation Street, so we know he can be a bit of a lady-magnet. The fact that the woman in Casualty temporarily believed he was a doctor also helped, obviously, because doctors are always attractive (on telly at least). The reason she needs to get her health checked is that she is bound to end up in A&E sooner rather than later. No one who has romantically caught the eye of one of the regular characters can end up unscathed.

Elsewhere, there was an exploding beauty salon containing a man who didn’t have cancer any more, and an old man who was sharing his morphine with his drug-addict son. Just a standard day in A&E, really. Ash impressed Dr Zoe Hanna with a neat bit of eye surgery – I assume it was neat, but I didn’t see it because I was behind a cushion. I can’t watch anything involving eyes.

No further progress on the Tess/Fletch front, as neither of them was to be seen. And it was Dr Tom Kent’s day off too, much to my disappointment.

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3 responses to “Casualty: He’s not a real doctor

  1. holbylover819

    Sam seems to be hanging in the background in the last few episodes. It’s like they need another doctor on duty but she never seems to be connected to the storylines.

  2. Tara and Liffey .N.

    This seemed to be a bit of a pointless episode and after last weeks (sob… I cried at the patient storyline and trust me,t hat never happens!) which I think is demonstrated through your short (but sweet) review. The eye surgery wasn’t actually that bad and I am enjoying the Zoe/Ash animosity. For some reason it reminds me of the whole Matt and Ash storyline in series ten… slightly sad that I remember that but I have series 5-18 recorded on video so we watch them regularly!

    I hate it when they build up a big storyline about a character/s and then completely ignore them (e.g. Tess and Fletch) and I’m really confused about Sam and Tom… that romance kind of fizzled out and then died and now all they do is give each other evils and snap at one another all day.

    Unfortunately Dr Dylan has left- he left just before Christmas (I think) because Sam and Tom were together and he couldn’t deal with that. Waste of a perfectly good (though perfectly unsociable) doctor considering they’re no longer together.

    Lovely review as always 🙂

    Tara&Liffey (and four of our siblings who unanimously agreed they liked your reviews once we gave them a sample. I’m sure the other two would have loved them too if they could understand what was going on…)

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