Holby City: Forget that today ever happened

serena chantelle holby(Series 15, ep.20)  Why would any Holby City staff member allow a friend or family member to be treated at that hospital? They should know by now that it can’t end well, and should insist that all loved ones either go private or go to The Mythical St James’ (or The Mythical St Peter’s, which was mentioned several times in this episode). Anywhere but Holby, which is far too dramatic if all you want is a nice, straightforward op and a speedy recovery. You’re far more likely than the average patient to end up dead, permanently disabled or to have one of your visitors diagnosed with a nasty condition.

Serena’s mum Adrienne was back for her operation, and everyone was feeling unreasonably confident, what with her being in the first class hands of Ric Griffin and Chantelle, and Serena keeping everyone on their toes. What could possibly go wrong? An oversight, that’s what. Chantelle was about to do a post-op check on Adrienne and she put her initials and the time on the chart, but she had to dash away when there was an emergency at an adjacent bed. Then when Digby checked the chart, he assumed the obs had been done. This meant Adrienne wasn’t really checked for two hours, during which time she had a stroke. 

serena holbyThe scenes when Serena discovered what had happened to her mum were really upsetting, because Adrienne had been  such a lovely, sparkly character. Serena reacted as I think any of us would react – angry and wanting to blame someone. Because she’s Serena, and scary at the best of times, her anger was a fearsome thing to behold and it was particularly directed at poor Chantelle. So now Chantelle, who always wants the very best for patients, colleagues and woodland creatures, is facing a formal complaint.

michael gemma holbyIn the dim recesses of Holby, in the ward of doom known as AAU, Gemma was trying to pretend she hadn’t spent part of last week locked in a small room with a deranged man and a dying woman. A visit to the hospital counsellor wasn’t very productive, although I did like his wallpaper. What use is a counsellor, anyway? What was really needed was for Gemma to work with a patient who could speak her brains (apparently the official term for “speaking brains” in Holby circles is “resonance.” True fact). Ignoring the small point that the counsellor hadn’t signed her off as fit for work, Gemma plunged into the day’s case load, working with a man who was in denial about his wife’s death. “You’re just avoiding the truth,” said Gemma, in a neat turnaround speaking her own brains while giving out advice.

It all went pear-shaped when Gemma had a panic attack after seeing Deranged Dean on television. Her patient helped her out and then tried to kiss her. Michael Spence (he is getting better looking every week, I swear he is) was, to put it mildly, not happy at all that Gemma was apparently canoodling with patients. He was even less happy to find she’d been working when she wasn’t supposed to be, but he’s going to cover that bit up.

mo sacha holbyOnce again it was left to Darwin to provide the humour and light relief, and they were greatly assisted in this by the presence of the glorious Sacha, who was looking after a boy with a ruptured testicle (ouch) and breathing problems. While Jonny Mac was busy chatting up the patient’s mother (who turned out to be a not entirely stable personality), Sacha and Mo were bonding over their mutual dislike of Holby Fit Club and Mo’s sadness that it was the birthday of the woman she’d had the baby for and it was bringing up some difficult feelings for her. Mo and Sacha both just make me smile and I can’t think of anything better than the two of them getting together.

Except no one is happy for long on Holby…

Next time: Yet another face from Malick’s past; more stress for Serena; and – deep joy – Jac’s back!

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17 responses to “Holby City: Forget that today ever happened

  1. Martin Rosen

    Oh poor Chantelle! I just want to hug and cuddle her!!

    • Mr Donnelly

      Aren’t hugging and cuddling the same thing?

      • Martin Rosen

        I think hugging is arms around the shoulders and cuddling is arms around the waist.

        Anything else is maybe treated as harassment unless mutually agreed in writing and witnessed first !!!!!

  2. Mr Donnelly

    I don’t want Mo and Sacha to get together or have an affair – he and Chrissie are perfect for each other,

  3. Someone

    Awesome review! Summed it all up perfectly.

  4. Someone

    Agree that Chrissie doesn’t appreciate Sascha. That’s going to end in tears and it’ll be her having the affair first. She wouldn’t hesitate. IMHO

  5. inkface

    Is it Fit Club that they refer to as Fat Club or do I need my ears syringed?

    • pauseliveaction

      I think it’s probably officially “Fit Club” but occasionally gets referred to as Fat Club. But I have a confused head today, so who knows what it’s really meant to be. They definitely called it Fit Club last week.

  6. Maria

    Top notch review PLA,
    Gemma’s session with Dr Jerry was so reminiscent of Luc’s therapy, glad to see Jeff Rawles was not a one off, kind of like his character. Serena is one scary chick, I wouldn’t like to cross with her when she is having a bad day.

    Not sure about Mo and Sacha though, I think they are better off as friends. I really want Sacha to be happy, he is so lovely and I think Chrissie doesn’t deserve him. It will be an interesting scenario if Sacha turns the table on Chrissie by having an affair first, they were never suited in the first place.

    • pauseliveaction

      Did Dr Jerry have that same foresty wallpaper when Luc visited him? I don’t remember it.

      You’re so right about Chrissie. I was happy when she and Sacha got together, but that was because it made Sacha happy. Ever since, she’s done nothing but curl her lip and tut at him – apart from when he was stabbed. It’s not a perfect relationship when you have to get yourself stabbed to get treated nicely.

      • Maria

        No, it was a different place, and the decor was definitely more homely. It seemed more like a posh apartment living room with huge french doors overlooking some lush green scenery. My assumption is, that Luc must have visited Dr Jerry at his private practice away from Holby, as Michael didn’t want this incident to be made public in order to protect Luc and Gemma’s situation was different so, she must have visited him on site at Holby where he must have had an office (to sort the dysfunctional staff and the odd psycho patient).

  7. Ann S

    Even deeper joy- Hanssens back as well!!

  8. Wiggles247

    Jac AND Hanssen – they are spoiling us!!!!

    • Tiggywinks

      Why is it that Chantelle always gets it in the neck..I know Serena has every right to be angry though and Digby was in charge of the ward so he should have made sure someone was there to do the obs. Pretty frightening stuff. Chantelle was aware they needed doing. Its called delegation in nursing as usually you have other members of staff amd HCAs but Ric was also
      overseeing the ward too.

  9. Wiggles247

    Monday = ‘Holby Eve’ Love it!!!!

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