Holby City: Let’s put our family concerns to one side, shall we?

(Series 15, ep.18)  They’re such a professional bunch at Holby City hospital. This week we had Michael letting his parenting feud with Annalise cloud his judgement (it was a continuing cloud from last week), Serena breaking the rules to put her mother first and then putting her mother second to her job, and Oliver Valentine in an almighty sulk with Professor Elliott Hope. Thank goodness there’s Chantelle.

holby cityTo AAU first, where Michael discovered that there are consequences to labelling people as child abusers, particularly when those people have the sort of neighbours who automatically think that means paedophiles, and that automatically gives them the right to set fire to someone’s home. The mother of last week’s abuse suspect, Mandy (Lucy Speed off of EastEnders), was brought in with burns and various other injuries. And she did not want Michael Spence anywhere near her, because he’d had her son taken into care and he kept kicking off and going all shouty. Actually, Michael is quite marvellous when he kicks off, and so is Sacha when he has to be quietly authoritative, so I enjoyed the scenes where Sacha tried to calm Michael down very much indeed. 

It all turned out that Mandy had brittle bones – a possibility Michael had thought of, but the genetic test would take months. But when Mandy needed surgery, Gemma spotted that there were tell-tale signs of the condition. This probably explained the child’s injuries, and Michael did his best to persuade the social worker (Caroline Paterson off of EastEnders – these people just can’t keep away from Borehamwood) to reunite mother and child ASAP. If only Michael could be reunited with his own children so easily, but apparently Annalise’s new boyfriend, Brad the Banker (“Sounds like a cartoon for children in The Economist” Sacha said last week) is moving in with them. Michael’s not happy.

oliver hamish holbyOliver Valentine (it’s his day tomorrow! Hurrah!) wasn’t happy, either. In fact, he was in a major strop with Prof Hope for not telling him about Tara’s brain tumour. He was so sulky he even turned down an exciting opportunity to do something or other with an alveolar adenoma. Imagine. Oliver wasn’t the only irritating junior Elliott had to deal with, though. That Hamish from a few weeks ago surfaced again to make a complaint of bullying against snuggly, loveable Elliott, a man who is no more likely to be a bully than Jac Naylor is to join a knitting group. It was Hamish’s evil employment lawyer of a mother behind it all, but the case rested on Oliver Valentine supporting Hamish’s story. Even Oliver Valentine, whose moral compass has in the past been somewhat twitchy, couldn’t bring down the career of his beloved mentor, and he told Hamish to drop the case, otherwise he’d tell Hanssen that Hamish had been drunk on the ward. So Oli and Elliott are friends again, and the alveolar adenoma is back on the table, as it were.

serena holbyHot news just in from Keller: “Contrary to myth, Serena was actually born, not plucked from the thigh of the Royal College of Surgeons.” And we can take that on good authority, as it came from her mother. Who also calls her “Rena.” She was in the hospital because of some nasty business with her bowel (drawing a discreet veil over things here). Surgery was needed, but as a non-urgent (though in a lot of pain and distress) case, the waiting list was about a month. Serena easily sorted this by discharging one of Malick’s patients, and got herself scrubbed up to sort out her mum’s defective tubing herself. This is the sort of thing which is Just Not On, of course, and Ric swiftly appeared to tell her to stop. Holby therefore not being an option, Serena decided she’d pay for private treatment. A taxi was summoned to take her mum to Posh Private Hospital. Hanssen was a tad concerned. As deputy director of surgery (or whatever she is), Serena opting for private medicine for her nearest and dearest “might not appear to be a public vote of confidence,” he said. So Serena legged it to the car park to persuade her mother that a month of suffering really wasn’t all that much to endure for the sake of her daughter’s career. Bad, bad woman. “We all have to put our family concerns to one side if we’re going to do this job properly,” she told Michael Spence. Good luck with that.

Next time: Gemma is taken hostage (advice – keep away from the nail gun); Tara’s brain tumour causes concern; and Malick tries to keep his private life private.

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6 responses to “Holby City: Let’s put our family concerns to one side, shall we?

  1. Ann S

    Hanssen of course in only about 6 minutes and with most of his face in profile still puts in an Oscar winning performance of the utmost subtlety.

  2. holbylover819

    I really enjoyed seeing both sides of Serena’s character. Most of the time she’s professional and focused on her job but then we get to see the personal side of her.
    Michael should really stop trying to take personal calls at work, of course he’s going to get interrupted at every possible moment.

  3. MrsTOP

    I see chemistry between Michael and Serena. He opens up to her and so does she. They could be known as merena.

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