Holby City: Living with a ticking time bomb

chrissie michael gemma holby(Series 15, ep.17) The official title of the episode was ‘Spence’s Choice  – Part 1,’ so this naturally directs my attention towards AAU first.  Spence’s choice was whether to report a suspected case of child abuse to Social Services. The child had been hurt in a car accident, but X-rays showed some old injuries and the boy’s step-father had a previous record of violence. You can see where Michael was coming from in jumping to conclusions, and Chrissie was right behind him, muttering sentences beginning with, “What parent in their right mind could…” at every opportunity. Gemma and Sacha, however, advised a more cautious approach. Week after week in Holby we see that a cautious approach is usually the right one, but Michael’s not a naturally cautious man, and his judgement was a tad clouded by ongoing parenting tussles with estranged lollipop-headed wife Annalise.

It all ended up with Michael almost getting punched, incurring the displeasure of Ric Griffin and causing the mother to try and take the child away from the hospital. She was spotted from the Window of Regret by Michael and Chrissie. The mother (Lucy Speed off of EastEnders) said the family had all been ok until Michael started his meddling.

Malick Digby HolbyThe theme of people being better off living in blissful ignorance ran through all three storylines this week. On Keller, Digby was having his assessment and his patient was a rather tricky case, what with him being from another planet and that. Different anatomy and physiology altogether from us humans. Digby’s first impulse was to bin him off to the psych ward, but the radiant Chantelle had dealt with trickier patients than that in her time. Chantelle really is a brilliant nurse, and showed Digby that a bit of patience, understanding and empathy can get you a long way. Digby doesn’t naturally possess any of these qualities, so he lucked out when he got placed on a ward with Chantelle – though he threw it back in her face later with a mean, “You’re just a nurse so you wouldn’t understand” comment. 

It turned out that the patient was basically suffering from grief and loneliness following the loss of his parents and was self-medicating with a drug that was giving him delusions. He was possibly also self-medicating with the delusions, too, because he wasn’t all that happy to discover he was only human after all.

oli tara holbyIf Tara didn’t have the CT scans to prove it, we might suspect she wasn’t human. She spends her entire life studying and getting cross with Oli for organising social events to please her. As Mo advised her (it was nice to see the Mo/Jonny double act, albeit briefly), “Life’s short. It’s not about how many aortic valves you’ve repaired, it’s about the things you did that made you feel like a kid.”

In an attempt to show Tara a good time, Leonard Cohen-related activities having failed to excite her, Oli gave her responsibility for Darwin for the day. Her over-zealous ordering of tests led to a patient being diagnosed with MS – but he wished he hadn’t been told. “I’m supposed to live with a ticking time-bomb,” he complained, and obviously was speaking Tara’s brain (tumour) as well.

This very same patient required some emergency surgery, and when Elliott had to step out of theatre to take a phone call he left Oli in charge. Oli let Tara take over, and pretty soon there was blood everywhere. The upshot of all this was the patient lived, but Elliott let slip to Oli that he knew about Tara’s tumour.

Oli is now moving in with Tara. What fun they’ll have. Actually, there should maybe be a question mark after that sentence, because apart from both being pretty and being pretty good doctors (when they aren’t over-reaching themselves), they seem to have nothing in common apart from a mutual admiration for the work of Two Door Cinema Club (PLA Jr is with them on that one) and don’t seem to make each other happy at all.

Next time: Repercussions of Spence’s choice; Serena’s mother is admitted to the hospital; and there are sightings of Hamish and Hanssen.

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  1. holbylover819

    JOliver > TOllie. That is all.

  2. inkface

    Enforced Leonard Cohen-related activities are divorce material on their own. They are pretty. And perky. But irksome & frankly slappable as a couple.

  3. What are Leonard Cohen activities? Im only young so I don’t know