Waterloo Road: The mystery man and the mystery ingredient

kevin chalky waterloo road(Series 8, Ep. 15)  This week, Kevin found some documents on Chalky’s laptop (which he’d “borrowed” to work on his award-winning robot design), which led him to suspect that Chalky might have had a previous life as a child molester. It turned out, after a lot of rushing around corridors and anguishing, that Chalky was a victim rather than a villain. This was Kevin’s cue to start talking like a self-help manual (Kevin talks like a 55 year-old chartered accountant at the best of times) and get Chalky to testify in court. And – heartwarming, this – Kevin wants to change his surname to Chalk.

Emo Imogen, meanwhile, told Connor that he must tell the truth about starting the fire, or she would do it for him. Emo Imogen is seriously grating on me – her whinging voice, her miserable face. Ugh. When Michael Byrne heard that it was Connor and not Jane Beale who’d started the fire, he decided to give him a chance to stay at Waterloo Road by getting him to fess up in front of the school (several regular characters and three rows of folding seats containing non-speaking extras). Then the police took him away.

sonya waterloo roadThe non-speaking extras may not have been speaking, but they were all laughing. Not because they’re a heartless bunch who didn’t feel Connor’s and Imogen’s pain, but because they were all stoned. The delicious brownies that Sonya had made in honour of the visit of TV’s Austin Healey (he was there to present the prize for the best robot. As PLA Jr remarked, “In the real world all you’d get would be a photocopied certificate”) had an added ingredient, courtesy of Barry Barry.

In other words, just your average day at Waterloo Road.

Next time: Bolton Smilie is back!

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2 responses to “Waterloo Road: The mystery man and the mystery ingredient

  1. Dreamer

    Kind of a dull and predictable episode. I think it’s time WR closed its doors to students.

    Well written review as always. 🙂

  2. remotecontrolled (kopitron)

    Michael Byrne pissed me off even more than usual in this episode. You burnt down the school but instead of rational thinking adults and police services deciding your fate, we’ll humiliate you in front of the school and let easily swayed, gang mentality susceptible group of pupils decide whether or not you should be allowed back in. Right.

    I agree with Dreamer about it being a bit dull & predictable. Not the best this series at all for me. But glad Kevin has stopped being inexplicably bitchy.