Holby City: Two strangers, nothing more

jake holby(Series 15, ep.16) Malick took to fatherhood slightly better than I expected, given that he only discovered he was father to a medium-sized porter last week. This episode found him offering the lad advice and money, two things that parents dish out all the time. Jake rejected both. When Malick discovered Jake had been sleeping overnight in Ric’s office, he ended up doing a spot of emergency tidying up as well, again a thing that parents all too frequently find themselves doing.

malick holbyJust in case all this is giving too much of a glowing impression of Malick’s parenting skills, it must also be added that he started the episode by pinning his (presumably) first-born up against a wall in a threatening style, and ended it by recommending that Ric sack him and driving away with the bloke he met at the New Year party. “I’m a registrar, you’re a porter,” Malick said (this was when Jake was still a porter, before Ric decided to sack him). “Two strangers – nothing more.” Hmm… a little way to go before they reach the father/son bonding fishing trip stage, then.  

Jake is a good lad, as well. He messed up by telling a patient’s relative that all would be well, when it wouldn’t, but even top stars like Oliver Valentine have been guilty of that. He also got the blame for a bit of a messy incident in a lift, but I blame Arthur for distracting Chantelle due to his poor social skills, which meant the lift doors closed and Jake found himself in a stuck lift with a very poorly patient and her slightly hysterical boyfriend. Unfortunately for him, for once the lift didn’t contain Hanssen (who spends most of his days riding up and down in the lifts and striding across the car park in search of prey), who would have been very handy.

Before we leave Keller, I just have to mention the Guts Cam, which gave us the view a spleen must have when it’s being operated on by Malick and Ric. Artistic! Even more exciting than the Bath Cam, but more of that in a moment.

elliott hamish holbyThe Darwin plot was focusing on Elliott Hope’s mentoring skills, with particular regard to one Hamish Richards, a medical student who was a bit over-fond of what we may describe as “partying.” Like Jake, Hamish was a good lad at heart and Elliott was impressed by his kindness and his instinct to help. Sadly, this got him into bother when his patient choked on a large piece of confectionery and Hamish broke one of his (ie the patient’s) ribs trying to resuscitate him.

What Hamish, Jake and the boyfriend of Malick’s patient all needed was a good party. Oliver Valentine, with a shocking naivety about social networking, had posted details of a wine and cheese soirée at Tara’s place on Facebook, so everyone turned up there. Hamish got wasted and ended up slumped in the bath vomiting quietly. Oli had to break the door down, which was amusing, as was the Bath Cam which gave us a rubber duck’s eye view of Oli and Tara (looking incredibly pretty) as they entered the room.

Compared to all this, it was a quiet shift in AAU. Michael Spence tried to wind New Gemma up, but she’s obviously not the sort to give up, cry and run away at the first sign of low-level bullying.

Next time: An ethical dilemma for Michael and a domestic dilemma for Oli and Tara.

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2 responses to “Holby City: Two strangers, nothing more

  1. Maria

    Great review PLA as asual,
    Tbh, this episode was one of the dullest episodes I have ever seen in recent years and some of the scenes were unrealistic, for example, Jake sleeping in Ric’s office, and the bursting into theatre. The Darwin story was the better of the three, quite liked Hamish though and AAU has simply gone down hill imo and I am finding the Ollie and Tara romance insufferable. Even Malick’s storyline was initially interesting but kind of fizzled out with no interesting back story and I eventually lost interest.

    None of the new characters have been that strong in their few opening episodes that I will be that interested in to watch further in their development, compared to the likes of Frieda, Chantelle, Eddi and Luc who captured my interest right from the start. Hanssen and Jac are now carrying the show imo. I hope there will be improvements. Very disappointed so far.

  2. Barry

    I actually really enjoyed this episode and I don’t watch Hollyoaks! No Serena, Hannsen or Jac, and I didn’t miss them.

    I think Hamish had the potential to be a really interesting character, Gemma is already becoming one, but Digby is dull and such a stereotype that we’ve seen before in every medical drama. The storyline between Hamish and his patient was interesting and they had a great on screen dynamic, but it was a shame his personality was revealed so quickly. Elliot showed a different side too, and it was good to see him as something other than the bumbling prof.

    Malick finally has a story too – and his motivational podcast was hilarious. Who thought that was what he was listening too every time we saw him with those huge headphones? I’m not sure why they decided to give him a sex life at exactly the same time as introduce Jake – it might have been more interesting to have seen that unsettle him after he had met someone.

    Tara is always going to bore me and despite my best efforts to like her, as with FLNT, she’s never going to engage me.

    Yes the party scenes went on too long (though Ollie’s attempts to break the door redeemed it somewhat), the barging into theatre was daft and some of the dialogue was weak, but I thought it was an entertaining hour and it kept me engaged throughout, something that only Jac and Henrik have been doing lately.

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