Holby City: You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone

jac jonny holby(Series 15, ep.15)  Oh, Jac. Obviously you were devastated by the news of Joseph’s impending marriage to a woman who puts sparkly bits in the envelopes with her wedding invitations. We all were. But we didn’t all go off and spend the night with the first available paediatrician.

It’s not as if Jac looked like she enjoyed this particular liaison with Sean, either, if her grim face in the taxi beforehand and the taxi afterhand was anything to go by. So why did she do it? Was she scared that Jonny Mac was becoming too important to her and she’d better explode the relationship before he got the power to hurt her as much as Joseph had? Or was she just being an eejit?

sean jac holbyConsequences arrived fairly swiftly when it turned out that Sean’s wife was practically bezzie mates with Caitlin (the patient whose heart Jac stitched too tightly last week), and that Sean had told his wife he spent the night keeping caring vigil at Caitlin’s bedside. It all ended with Mrs Dolan giving Jac a hefty punch in the face as she pondered at the Window of Regret. 

Dear old Jonny Mac was oblivious to all this. He’s so utterly nice – he was really sweet and understanding about Joseph, when a lot of men would have been insecure, and he told Jac he was proud of her when she did brilliant work in theatre. “He’s like a heart-shaped Creme Egg,” observed PLA Jr. Yes, he is. He’s the sweetest, squidgiest thing you could think of if you weren’t thinking of Sacha.

jac jonny holby citySadly, Jac has possibly realised this too late. Talking to Caitlin about her brother Liam she said, “You’ve got someone who cares. They don’t come along all that often for people like us.” But then she insisted on telling Jonny the truth about her night with Sean. Maybe she seriously thought he’d be ok with it, or maybe she really was pushing the Destruct button. That’s the way he interpreted it, anyway. All he wanted was a quiet life, a wife, kids, roses round the door etc. In the Car Park of Broken Dreams, Jac insisted she could give him all that, but he didn’t think she could. He walked off, and she walked to Hanssen, to take up the offer of a job in Japan.

arthur holbyWhile all this was going on, three new people had started work at Holby. Arthur Algernon Digby came third in his year at The Mythical St James’s, so he’s hot stuff. He’s also the consolation nerd that Chantelle picked up at the new year party after she caught Ianto Jones snogging Mary-Claire. Arthur is your typical, good at the theory, not so hot at the practice type of medical student – his catchphrase seemed to be “I have had experience with…” before pitching in and messing up. But he’ll learn.

On AAU, new F1 Gemma Wilde came second in her year (hah, Dr Digby!). She also came with a bit of a history, in that she had a previous career as the internet’s “Dr Honey.” Mildly racy pictures of her turned up in the locker room. Apart from that, she’s a bit like Lilah in that she’s keen, stubborn and pretty good.

malick jakeSo who came first in the year? Could it be the mysterious porter who was hanging round Keller being sweet and useful but constantly being mistaken for a troublemaker and/or criminal? Of course not. He was Malick’s son!

Next time: Malick and Jake bond and go fishing together, stopping off for a pizza on the way home. Or possibly, things are not going to be quite as simple as that.

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  1. holbylover819

    Aw Jac. Could anyone else tell that what she really wanted to say was “I want you to say you love me.” to Jonny?

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