Waterloo Road: A two car family

(Series 8, Ep.12 & 13)  In last week’s slice of our favourite hyper-realistic school-based drama, Phoenix and Harley won £200,000 on the Lottery. A life-changing sum of money, as Noel Edmonds would call it. It certainly changed Phoenix and Harley’s lives. They started riding around in a stretch limo and wearing “look at me” trainers, just to show how loaded they were. It was all a slim excuse to get rid of Phoenix, who’s taken his big hair to live with his dad and invest his money and his time, in the family business. Harley, meanwhile, donated his share of the cash to good causes in Africa (bless!) and is donating his time to Waterloo Road for now.

Last week we also saw the unreal spectacle of Michael Byrne (who is not being sent dahn for hastening his father’s exit from the planet) actually having fun, via the medium of paddling in the sea trying to fish out Jane Beale’s course outlines. That’s course, not coarse.

carol dynasty waterloo roadThere wasn’t much action from the Barry family at all last week, but this week the focus shifted to Dynasty Barry and her future as a pole dancer. But she can’t even speak Polish! I hear you cry. Maybe not, but she is very, very good at English Literature and produced an A* essay. Obviously wasted on the world of sleazy clubs and breast enhancements, but it took quite a lot of effort from Emo Imogen and the teacher with the little face to persuade her of the fact. It took even more effort to persuade Ma Barry. Beautiful work from Zoe Lucker as Carol Barry, who does common-as-muck like she was born to it.  

Barry Barry, meanwhile, was adding to his extensive stolen car collection by “obtaining” Cockney Lorraine’s Ferrari, with a little help from sister Kacey. Lorraine isn’t pointing the finger at Barry, though, because Nikki Boston firmly believes that Scout is the one who stole her car a couple of weeks ago, and therefore Scout is in the frame for the Ferrari as well.

Nikki Boston’s treatment of Scout contravenes all sorts of rules and regulations. Basically, she’s a bully. Tom Clarkson, a man whose depth of human understanding is even deeper than the deep, deep blue of his eyes, has an inkling that Scout is being victimised. He gave her a little voice recorder so she can record her lessons and play them back in her own good time (she daren’t ask Nikki Boston to repeat herself), and this will no doubt come in handy as evidence at some point.

Emo Imogen and Pale-Eyed Connor eventually made up, after she’d been made up by Dynasty Barry. A bit of blusher did wonders for her, and a pep talk from Kevin did wonders for Connor.  I wish Dynasty would turn her style eye on Connor, though. That boy needs a haircut badly.

His mother probably hasn’t noticed, because now she isn’t spending all her time hiding bottles of vodka in desk drawers she has time for romance. With Michael Byrne, no less. Poor Jane Beale.

Next time: Wouldn’t you know it? Jane Beale’s estranged husband turns up. No, not Ian. This is a different programme.

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6 responses to “Waterloo Road: A two car family

  1. holbylover819

    I thought they were being a bit lax about the Ferrari. Even Barry Barry. It must be worth hundreds of thousands of pounds! It just disappeared off the school grounds and the teachers didn’t seem all that bothered. And Lorraine usually gets quite inflamed with every small issue they face.

    • pauseliveaction

      You could tell as soon as she left it in that car park that it wouldn’t be there long. I wonder where Barry Barry is keeping it?

  2. remotecontrolled (kopitron)

    I don’t understand what happened this week! Kevin and Chalky went for the good old peace making snack – the pizza and it turned into a completely irrational attack on poor Chalky – no peace at all! No car racing stolen cars, no guest pupils, the rules of Waterloo Road are just all over the shop this year! Enjoying it though. Glad Tom has finally noticed how much of a bitch Nikki is being…

    • pauseliveaction

      I thought Kevin was quite horrible to Chalky. I’d have unfostered Kevin on the spot.

      • remotecontrolled (kopitron)

        I know! I hope there is some kind of legitimate reason but I find it hard to think of one. Seems completely out the blue! (As often the case in WR)

      • holbylover819

        I suppose Kevin wanted a role model and he felt he couldn’t look up to Chalky, “a fat man comfort eating”. And Chalky was telling Kevin to respect him which Kevin truthfully, albeit rather harshly, said he couldn’t do.

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