Holby City: A heart stitched too tightly

jac jonny holby(Series 15, ep.14) Only last week I was full o’ praise for the Holby scriptwriters. This week, they’ve upset me, the arch manipulators. No sooner had I grown to love the (initially unimpressive) Jonny Mac and think he’s the right man for Jac, than she starts being horrible to him and takes another man home with her. Though she did have her reasons.

Jonny and Jac started the episode happily enough, having one of their famous store-room “staff meetings.” Afterwards, they were actually twinkling at each other. Seriously – Jac was twinkly. Even paediatrician Sean noticed and told Jac she was glowing. “Only fat or pregnant people glow,” she grumbled. Got to keep up that tough facade. Then she received a particularly tacky wedding sean jac jonny holbyinvitation – from none other than The World’s Most Beautiful GP, Joseph Byrne, and his fiancée who “looks like the kind of woman who would theme her wedding… unicorn,” according to Jac.  

After that, Jac was not in the best of moods – indeed we were treated to the full Termi-Naylor, and poor old Jonny Mac got the worst of it. Her patient didn’t fare much better, as Jac was perhaps a little tense during surgery and stitched a heart up a bit more snugly than was good for her. This all ended up with Jac getting drunk and flirting a bit with Sean, before suggesting they polish off a bottle of whisky back at her place. Oh, Jac.

hanssen holbyTo cheer us up, we must tiptoe along the corridor of power to the CEO’s office, where we can push the door back gently and find – Henrik Hanssen. Yes, he’s back, and has asserted his right to still be CEO and Director of Surgery, much to the annoyance of Cunningham of the Board, who wanted Serena to stay in the post. She’s much more corporate. To try to dampen down the Hanssen Effect, Cunningham decided to appoint an Executive Director to act as an intermediary between Hanssen and the Board. It was, as usual, a toss-up between Serena and Ric Griffin, and Hanssen ended up with the casting vote. He went – against expectations – for Serena, in a move that we might term “keeping his enemies closer.”

chrissie sacha holbyMeanwhile, Our Chrissie had found a breast lump, but didn’t plan to tell Sacha because he would make a fuss. It turns out that everything’s probably okay anyway, but Michael Spence told her she really ought to confide in Sacha.  You can tell a Holby staff member something, but they won’t usually believe it until a patient speaks their brains for them. In this case it was a patient who knew she had Huntingdon’s but hadn’t told her husband: “If I said it out loud I’d have it.”

The best line of the episode award goes to Michael Spence. Sacha told Chrissie that he was planning a treat that involved the word “dog” but didn’t involve any animals. “He’s arranged for a night of dogging,” Michael suggested. “He doesn’t even know what that means,” said Chrissie, looking perhaps slightly disappointed.

Next time: The morning after the night before for Jac, and there’s a new boy on Keller and a new girl on AAU.

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3 responses to “Holby City: A heart stitched too tightly

  1. Dreamer

    Since when has Jac been into fat-shaming? ‘Cause I really can’t remember.

    And I refuse to believe Joseph’s getting married; he still loves Jac. Although I am a bit partial to Sean/Jac.

  2. Sarah

    Oh, Jac, when will you learn? For such a highly intelligent woman, she really can be quite dense. And I didn’t expect Hanssen to pick Serena, either. It is, though, possibly one of his more masterful strokes – keep the woman on a short leash. She does have a habit of getting her own way through the medium of manipulation, after all. Wonder how long it’ll be before she gets on his nerves?

  3. holbylover819

    I had a feeling Jac was going to do something stupid when she received that invite. I was hoping for her to kiss Ollie but oh well. I like Sean. He’s nice.