Waterloo Road: The name’s Barry. Barry Barry

barry family waterloo road(Series 8, Ep.11)  Back to school after the Christmas holidays, to be greeted by news of yet another Controversial New Initiative. Waterloo Road has acquired (via the bottomless pockets of Lorraine The Cockney) a new Pupil Referral Unit, also known as A Fine Excuse For Some Proper Hard Cases.

On the subject of which… enter the Barry family. The father is in prison for armed robbery, and the mother and three kids (the beautifully named Dynasty, Kacey and Barry. Yes. Barry Barry – “so good they named him twice”) are not exactly paragons of citizenship themselves. And they’re from Liverpool – not that WR would be guilty of stereotyping or anything.

The Barrys settled in well to Waterloo Road. Barry started his first day by sleeping with the mother of football captain Jack MacAllister and then broadcasting the episode, which he’d handily filmed, to a meeting of the sixth form. He ended it by taking head of the PRU Nikki Boston’s car and putting it up for sale on eBay. He’s going to fit in just fine, and he’s got that Finn Sharkey bolshy/cheeky thing going on, which helps. Younger sister Kacey is what used to be called a tomboy. Probably these days we’re supposed to wonder if she has gender identity issues, because she dresses like a boy and plays football like a boy. The only people who really had issues with it were the girls who thought the new boy was rather fit – till they realised he was a she. Dynasty lives up to her name – she’s all big earrings, short skirts and chewing gum. And mum is Zoe Lucker, looking like she’s having a lot more fun than when she was being snooty Vanessa in EastEnders

Elsewhere, Michael Byrne is due in court for helping his dad to shuffle off this mortal coil, and Sian Diamond is due to give evidence against him, because Byrne Senior hadn’t mentioned to her that he actually wanted to be off the mortal coil. I’m rather hoping he gets sent dahn (I can’t think of that phrase in any voice other than Phil Mitchell’s), because Lorraine The Cockney has sort of promised his job to Sian and she’d wear the skirt and boots of office (think Rachel Mason and Karen Fisher) most excellently.

Emo Imogen was back at school and has been scarred for life following the fire last term. She’s being quite brave about it, unlike Pale Eyed Connor, who spent the day quivering behind the front room curtains at home while Imogen bellowed at the house front from the street. Connor’s mum, Jane Beale from EastEnders, admitted that she was responsible for the fire and is also admitting she’s an alcoholic these days. She bonded a bit with Michael Byrne in a canteen that was so full of people eating fresh fruit, and posters about fresh fruit, that I felt I was taking part in a Derren Brown experiment.

Next time: Phoenix and Harley win the lottery. Oh, I just love Waterloo Road. Gritty realism at its best.

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4 responses to “Waterloo Road: The name’s Barry. Barry Barry

  1. holbylover819

    I’m sure even being married to a criminal in prison is better than being married to Max Branning.

  2. remotecontrolled (kopitron)

    Surely Nikki Boston would know that anyone at Waterloo Road for more than a day couldn’t have stolen her car, if so it wouldn’t be on eBay but being driven round the playground. Barry Barry is the obvious culprit as he doesn’t yet know the car stealing rule. And he’s a scouser.

    Also found it amusing all the PRU kids are the entire Rochdale latch ons plus token scousers. Reckon they should check they hadn’t just forgotten to start teaching them Scottish curriculum before they sat the exams.

    • pauseliveaction

      When the car went missing I did expect to see it circling the playground. Barry Barry has initiative, but he’s not exactly a criminal mastermind, is he!

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