Holby City: Luc’s heart of darkness

(Series 15, ep.11 & 12) Since I was too busy being Christmassy to write about last week’s episode, here are a few random thoughts about it. Serena was in full Connie mode (looking sooo A/W 2012 in a furry hat), manipulating away with the result that Imelda was somehow lured off to do Ric’s job with Big Pharma in Las Vegas. All a little lame, plot-wise, though Serena was rather magnificent. I couldn’t help thinking Las Vegas wasn’t ever going to be the cleverest idea for recovering gambling addict Ric, anyway.

There was also some wonderful stuff between Jac and Jonny. I’ve thoroughly abandoned the idea that Joseph is the only man for her. He may have been the only man for Jac’s younger self, when she was all about the career, but now she’s older and more or less where she wants to be work-wise, she needs someone like Jonny to bring out the more playful side of her. Yes, she does have one. It was so sweet when she admitted she’d never decorated a Christmas tree before. I’m constantly impressed that the writers and the wonderful Rosie Marcel keep finding new sides to Jac and evolving her character and it looks like there’s quite a bit of evolving to come in the next few weeks.

luc holbyOn to this week, then, and despite featuring a new year party with a Hawaiian theme, it was all rather intense. Luc had been working round the clock since Boxing Day on a new drug that would stop people bleeding to death. Sacha had been sweating blood bringing him blood to experiment on, but when the supply ran dry Luc started using his own. The lack of blood and lack of sleep was making him look like Eddi when she was withdrawing from the Camoxidan – all bug-eyed and shivery. Then a patient turned up with a tattoo luc sacha holbythat Luc recognised. It turned out that this patient and Luc had both (separately) been involved in the war in Sierra Leone and had seen terrible and gruesome sights. So Luc is not just weird and quirky – he’s post-traumatically weird and quirky. He used his new drug on his patient when he was at risk of bleeding to death and it worked, but since it hadn’t been tested and licensed etc, Michael Spence was not happy and marched off to read the riot act to Luc. He and Sacha found Luc in the wet lab in his undercrackers having a full-scale breakdown.

Gosh. We needed a bit of light relief, but it wasn’t really to be found on Darwin, where Oli was still struggling to come to terms with Tara’s brain tumour and she was still pushing him away at every opportunity. Oli was casually chatting to a patient when he suddenly realised he’d spoken his own brains by telling him you just know when you’ve found The One. He duly trotted off to propose, but she didn’t make it easy for him and I was left not entirely sure whether they’re now engaged or not.

chantelle holbyI’ll tell you who doesn’t look in danger of getting engaged any time soon – Chantelle and Ianto Jones off of Torchwood. No sooner was her back turned at the party than he was off snogging that minx Mary-Claire. Chantelle attempted to pick up a consolation nerd, but he wandered off, leaving her dancing round her handbag with Lilah.

lilah ric holbyLilah had finally shown a more pleasant side to herself by helping to organise the party when Chantelle’s original venue fell through (guess where it was finally held? Albie’s! The very bar where every party has been held since Hippocrates was a lad). Lilah hadn’t been best pleased to find that Ric was in Holby instead of Las Vegas. Luckily, after being a bit snappy and undermining Lilah’s diagnostic skills, Ric eventually conceded that she’s a fairly good doctor and she eventually conceded that he’s not a predatory molester, and they agreed to let bygones be bygones. As an added bonus, Ric passed her on her next assessment, which means she can move on to the next stage of her career in the neurology ward. Since neurology is a place we don’t normally visit, it’s basically goodbye to Lilah.

Line of the episode: Oli telling consultant oncologist Nathan Hargreaves (who we might see again because he was getting cosy with Malick at the party), “I’d shake your hand, but I’m holding a rather heavy tumour.”

Next time: The episode is called ‘Hanssen/Hemingway.’ I think that’s all we need to know.

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11 responses to “Holby City: Luc’s heart of darkness

  1. holbylover819

    Proposing with a dead girl’s ring is a bit weird, I know it was last minute but still… Why does he even have the ring? I can’t remember Aisha giving it to him.
    I would have accepted Ollie’ s proposal anyway.

  2. Wiggles247

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your reviews and that for me the line of the Christmas episode was Jac’s reply to Jonny’s question about why she volunteered to work at Christmas..

    “So the people with kids can owe me” – classic Jac (even if I do think it was a little tongue-in-cheek)

    although Malick’s question to Jac when Imelda was having a go

    “Who did you kiss”

    definitely comes a very close second

    • pauseliveaction

      Oh yes! That line was perfect Jac. Thanks for your kind words (here and on DS) and thanks for reading!

  3. Maria

    Your reviews are a delight to read, I always have a chuckle when reading them.
    Really liked the theme of how PTSD affects people differently. Very heart-rending performance by Joseph Millson. I loved the way Chantelle got her own back on the devious Marie Claire and that….. can’t think of the appropriate word to abuse Rhys right now.
    Looking forward to the intriguing episode next week for our two most enigmatic characters back stories.

    • pauseliveaction

      Thank you, Maria. Joseph Millson was excellent – it reminded me of Edward MacLiam’s brilliant acting in Irish Dr Greg’s exit storyline.

  4. Dreamer

    Have you read the synopsis for the 2 episodes after H/H? There’s more Jac, but my poor baby. 😦 But Jac, Jac, Jac!

  5. inkface

    It’s a very cutting edge place Holby isn’t it? What with Herzinger replacement hearts being invented and an innovative blood clotting drug. It’s a veritable Welsh Johns Hopkins.

    • pauseliveaction

      Only the A&E department is in Wales, though. The rest of it is in Borehamwood, the Hollywood of Hertfordshire. And yes, it is cutting edge. They were the only hospital to routinely use Camoxidan as a painkiller, until their best nurse was ruined by it.