Coronation Street: Wedding’s off

leanne coronation streetUnlike EastEnders, no-one died in Christmas Corrie, apart from what was left of Leanne’s self respect. Not content with being betrothed to Catch of the Street Nick Tilsley (marry Nick and you get half a bistro and Gail as your mother-in-law), she was secretly hankering after Peter Barlow, a man formerly known mainly for accidentally setting fire to stuff and falling over bladdered. A recent sojourn in LA has seen him return looking tanned (possibly a bit too tanned), bearded and a bit buff. Like a northern George Clooney, in a certain light. And he still loves Leanne. Of course he does. What’s not to love about the self-righteous, self-centred, always-in-the-right Leanne?

So you can understand her hurtling from the wedding car in her bridal gown and faux fur to have one last go at Peter before she committed herself to becoming Mrs Tilsley. Unfortunately, Peter is in possession of such animal magnetism (it’s genetic – he gets it from Ken) that the radiant Carla Connor had flown all the way back from LA just to be near him, so Leanne was out of luck and trundled off to the high-class wedding venue to get wed to the man she loves second best in the world.

There’s always that moment in a soap wedding where the registrar/vicar asks whether anyone knows a reason why the happy couple shouldn’t be married. Norris (who invited Norris?) was twitching in his seat to have his say, but he had nothing to contribute. Luckily, Leanne’s unloving sister Eva was on hand to save Nick from being married to a woman whose wardrobe consists of nasty cardigans and resentment, by telling everyone about Leanne’s earlier visit to Peter.

Stella was so angry with Eva she threw her out in the street in a terrifyingly plunging neckline. Nick was so miserable he ended up sleeping with his sister-in-law, Kylie Platt. Carla wasn’t best pleased to learn the man she’d forsaken the delights of LA for was still in love with the most miserable woman in Weatherfield.

But at least no-one died.

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