Holby City: How do you solve a problem like Imelda?

holby city(Series 15, ep.10) How did Imelda Cousins get the CEO job? What,exactly, is her job description? Because all that she actually does is to pop up in each of our key wards on a rotating basis, taking a dislike to the alpha males of the department (Ric, Michael) apparently solely on the grounds that they’re alpha males, issuing random edicts and annoying people. She seems to be constantly pursuing an agenda based on people being horrible to her when she was a nurse. And she has a worrying tendency to appear in operating theatres to distract the surgeons at times when you’d think concentration would be essential.

michael ramona holbyThis week she at least left Keller pretty much alone (Ric’s already suspended, so there’s not so much to interest her there), concentrating her meddling efforts on Darwin and AAU. In the department which is the spiritual home of the vomit-covered shoe, Ramona was doing some fine work helping Michael Spence with an emergency escharotomy, but she perhaps over-reached herself when the same patient needed intubating. Her cry of “We need some help here!” for once failed to summon any consultants at all, and she decided to have a go herself. Michael managed to defend her that time, but he wasn’t able to defend her after she caused a patient to fall out of bed trying to escape the full onslaught of her compassion. Poor Ramona – she’s read and fully absorbed the Holby Handbook which states that staff should go out of their way to try and sort out the social problems of all patients and their relatives, and she was only trying to help, but I couldn’t help sympathising with the patient’s need to get away from so much caring concern.

hanssen holbySo Imelda suspended Ramona, and Michael was left in the doghouse with his prospect of a happy family Christmas up the spout. Serena decided it was time to take action. Who did she call?

Hanssen. Looking tall and magnificent against a luscious wintery Stockholm backdrop, like a fine Swedish stag. Or something.  But will he come back and save Holby from a fate worse than Leslie Ash?

ianto jones holbyMeanwhile, Imelda was making her presence felt on Darwin by trying to cancel the Herzig trial. Oli was struggling to come to terms with Tara’s brain tumour and eventually agreed to follow her lead and just “accept it.” On Keller, Chantelle was hoping Ianto Jones from Torchwood would take her to the Christmas party, but while she was busy trying to suture a chef with a needle phobia, that sneaky Mary-Claire was trying to wow him with her Irish charms. Ianto was having none of that and informed Chantelle that she’s officially his girlfriend. Awwww.

Next time: Ric has a job offer; Chrissie attempts to grin and bear a Levy family Christmas; and Fred Elliott from Corrie turns up.

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8 responses to “Holby City: How do you solve a problem like Imelda?

  1. Ann S

    You send Imelda back to the psychiatric unit from which she has escaped. Obviously suffering from iatromisia.

  2. Dreamer

    Aside from Imelda, this episode was fabulous – it had Ian Branagh and Ianto Jones. 😀 Whoo!

  3. Wiggles247

    It’s not just the alpha males she seems to have a problem with – some of Holby’s alpha females have also been subject to her petty spitefulness!!

  4. Martin Rosen

    Look forward to seeing ‘Fred Elliot’ again. I say, I am looking forward to seeing ‘Fred Elliot’ again !

  5. Have to admit Serena raising her voice made me jump – though I was fighting my brother at the time so that’s probably why 😉 but great episode, though I do wish someone would put Imelda back in get corner. Her attitude stinks and if she keeps going like that, she’ll run Holby into the ground! That’s Michael, Ric, Jac, Elliot and Serena she’s had a pop at – all the consultants. God, I hope Hanssen comes and gets rid.

  6. Tara and Liffey (on Liffey's email for once!) N

    When I saw the title of this review I couldn’t help myself but shout ‘have a banana!’ Unfortunately my not-so-lovely-step-mother was trying to sell something over the phone and the customer heard me… I haven’t been allowed back on a computer until today…

    Anyway, completely off the subject there, is it just me or are we getting a lot more very temporary characters on Holby? Mr Sneider, Tiny George Binns, Ramona, Imelda and now Lilah (she has left now, hasn’t she?) It’s actually annoying me- I’m losing track of who’s who.

    I have absolutely no idea what the purpose of Imelda is/ was, just as I still don’t know what George Binns was doing in a hospital… your review made me smile as always 😀

    I’ve also noticed that the carpark has been pretty quiet recently… Are we building up to something dreadfully dangerous?

    Tara and Liffey (with help from our adorable baby sister who is to blame if there are any random letters/ symbols/ numbers in the middle of this reply. I think I got rid of them all…)

    • pauseliveaction

      Hi T & L. Sorry I was inadvertently the cause of your computer ban! You’re right about the temporary characters. It’s a shame some of them are temporary, because I would have liked to have seen more of Ramona (though on the Digital Spy forum she didn’t seem very popular) and some of the other characters who’ve appeared. Your baby sister sounds gorgeous, and obviously very intelligent if she already wants to comment on Holby!

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