Strictly: the final furlong

Bruce-articleTwo weeks to go. Two dances per couple tonight. It strikes me, this year more than most for some reason, that, much as I love it, Strictly is almost identical year after year. Watching a clip of Brucie’s “jokes”, I’d defy anyone to guess which year we were in. Or decade, come to that. He and Len have missed the post-Savile memo about how cringingly inappropriate lecherous remarks  by old men to young women are (ditto casual homophobia, but at least in that regard Craig and Bruno can hold their own, as it were).

There’s a change in the celebrities obviously, and some of the professional dancers. The female member of the judging panel has varied (Arlene/Alesha/Darcey). But the male judges, Dave Arch and his orchestra, the set, dances, make-up, props and costumes remain reliably, comfortably the same.

The producers tried something new last week with the dance style mash-up, which was fine, by and large, but just as at the end of every episode of the Simpsons, all was back to normal afterwards.

The thing that makes me smile most of all are the slips-of-the-tongues over the “Sunday show” (that’s actually filmed straight after the Saturday one). Zoe Ball saying to Alfie Boe on Friday night It Takes Two “So we’ll see you performing on the results show tomorrow. Er, Sunday.” Far too expensive and time-consuming to dress and do full make-up on all the celebs and pro-dancers two nights in a row.

Obviously Tess and Darcey change their dresses between shows. But my hairdresser Helen pointed out that their hair styles change too (it’s put into an up-do if it was down or vice-versa). It must be a frantic half hour backstage for the stylists whilst the phone vote’s going on.


But now this series is almost at an end, and we’re left viewing the original full celeb line-up shown during the opening credits with increasing incredulity (“bloody hell, I’d forgotten SHE was in it”, or is that just senile little old me?), who are we left with and what do we think of them?

  • Lisa and Robin. Fun for a while and I love Robin to bits, but I’ve had enough of their schtick and her Betty Boop boggle-eyed look of amazement when the public keep her in each week over better dancers. She’s the worst of the remaining celebs, and she needs to go.
  • Dani and Vincent. His preposterous Italian ego and self-love irked me when he was first on the show but I’ve become very fond of Vincent over the years. He seems a lovely man, dances exquisitely and has a  really cute bum. They dance together nicely and cope with being patronised about their size remarkably well.
  • Denise and James. I struggle with these two. Yes, their dancing is superb and they work incredibly hard. But I don’t like either of them very much. There, I’ve said it. Not going to get into the ‘she’s a professional dancer’ argument here because it’s been done to death elsewhere. But someone who started the series brilliantly doesn’t win much affection from the audience, that much I will say.
  • Louis and Flavia. He’s gorgeous. She’s gorgeous. They dance like you’d hope two gorgeous people would dance. He seems a decent bloke and he’s developed a lot through this series. I’d be happy for these two to win.
  • Kimberley and Pasha. I’ve liked Kimberley from early on in the series and I’ve enjoyed watching her get better and better and better. There’s something that seems sincerely joyful about her. I want her to win I think (but I won’t mind too much if it’s Louis or Dani).

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4 responses to “Strictly: the final furlong

  1. holbylover819

    I agree that Lisa should go but I think the public will keep her in and it’s possible she’ll win depending on who gets final say, the public or the judges.

  2. Dreamer

    I want Dani/Louis or Kimberley to win. Like you, I’ve rooted for Kim (Dani, and Louis) since the start. As for Denise, there’s something really smug about her, and now that the other celebs have caught up to her, she’s actually not that brilliant (ditto to the prof dancer point). Lisa, I love her, but she’s going to go, even though I want Denise to get kicked out.

  3. I’m rooting for Dani or Louis because they’re not only Thoroughly Nice (or so I like to think anyway) but they really have shown improvement and change and great chemistry with their partners. Whereas Denise has got worse if anything. I really like Robin but frankly he and Lisa have reached the end of the road with what they can do. But I do have a soft spot for Kimberley and – especially – Pasha and his adorable gappy smile 🙂

  4. inkface

    Well, the good news is that the best dancers are in the final. I think Denise isn’t popular enough to win however well she dances, and I don’t mind between the other three, so hurrah!