Holby City: Ric’s animal magnetism gets him into trouble

malick ric holby(Series 15, ep.9)  Is it just me, or does Ric Griffin get suspended on a regular basis? When the episode ended with him clutching the obligatory box of personal office items and gazing mournfully up at the hallowed structure that is Holby City Hospital, I had a distinct feeling of deja vu.

The reason for his current predicament was that Lilah had told Imelda about the kiss she shared with Ric in the wet lab, choosing not to emphasise the “shared” bit, but make it sound like he practically pounced on her. I’m still finding it hard to work out what’s supposed to be going on in Lilah’s mind. Is she (a) just a bit of an idiot (b) a troublemaker or (c) a cut-throat careerist? At the moment I’m tending towards a blend of all three. Imelda, full of sympathy for an abused junior (and thrilled to have something to pin on Ric) told Lilah to go home. “To Australia?” she bleated (lending force to theory (a) there). Imelda didn’t mean Australia, she meant Lilah’s Holby home, but Australia doesn’t sound like such a bad plan to me.

mo jonny holbySomething that was a terrible plan was for Mo to get involved with Albie Who Owns The Bar, what with him being married and a bit creepy-looking and everything. Though, to give him credit where it’s due,  he does own the bar. This week he brought his wife (formerly known as Julie from EastEnders – the one who called Billy Mitchell ‘Skidmark’) in for treatment to the hospital, and because it was a lung condition and Mo has suddenly become the resident lung expert, only Mo would do. This whole scenario was 50 shades of unethical, which Jonny Mac persistently tried to point out. His suggestion that he summon Ms Naylor as a more ethically acceptable substitute fell on deaf ears (not surprising in Mo’s case, as she and Jac have been involved in a territorial dispute for weeks now). EastEnders Julie ended up dead, an outcome which I hope doesn’t come back to bite Mo.  

chrissie sacha holbyThere’s all sorts of weird vehicles parked in that hospital car park. As well as Luc’s camper van (of which more later), there was quite a swanky boat parked there this week, the property of a man who used to be Joe Carter in Coronation Street. Chrissie’s head is easily turned by a show-off with a boat, even if he does have a key lodged in his intestine (don’t ask). His tales of Christmases on Caribbean beaches were making her go all twinkly-eyed and breathless, and when he offered to take her (as a crew member – she’d come in ever so handy for splicing the mainbrace and whatnot), she’d have been tempted if only she didn’t have to work, and didn’t have Sacha, and little Daniel etc. Meanwhile, Sacha’s plans for Christmas were coming on apace, and were mainly centred around eating. Chrissie is no Nigella as far as food is concerned. “Whoever thought of making a sauce out of bread?” she winced. It seemed her luck had changed somewhat when she discovered she had several days off at Christmas. “We could do something exciting!” she said to Sacha. His eyes took on a dreamy look. “Like a four-bird roast!” he said, also outlining his plan for a chocolate fountain “so big you could chocolate-coat a small dog.” Chrissie was mentally calling the Calorie Police, and was not cheered further by the news that Imelda had evicted Luc’s camper van from the hospital grounds and Sacha had offered him a parking spot outside their house – plus  invited him to spend Christmas. But Joe Turner from Corrie told Chrissie how lucky she was to have such a lovely man as Sacha, so she cheered up a bit. Funny how it always takes someone else to tell her she’s lucky to have Sacha.

Next time: Oli gets wet; Michael gets Ramona into trouble; and Mary-Claire and Chantelle vie for the attentions of Ianto Jones from Torchwood.

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12 responses to “Holby City: Ric’s animal magnetism gets him into trouble

  1. Maria

    I was trying to figure out Lilah but you have summed it uo for me and she’s a ‘poor me’ CT1.

  2. Martin Rosen

    I hope this is not the last we have seen of Ric Griffin.
    Who remembers his gambling addiction a few years ago – he seems to have got over that completely !

  3. Corumba Love

    Oh dear.

    Not watching Holby at the moment (rely on your spiffy service for a giggle and to keep abreast of matters) and I’m a little concerned about the picture you’ve just painted of Sacha coming over all misty about a four bird roast. I thought that was something of an unsavoury nature practised by footballers of unlimited means, if not morals.

    Mmmm, roll on the Hanssen supremacy in January.

  4. Dreamer

    According to DS, Ric gets an offer elsewhere, and he wonders whether to resign from Holby and leave… Lilah, I’m finding her to be quite irksome. I also wonder if they’re going to get Jac together with Hanssen, even for a little bit (and I’ve no idea why I think this).

  5. Maria

    Ric is definitely not leaving.

  6. Maria

    Its written in the Digital Spy which is public knowledge so its no big secret.

    • pauseliveaction

      I don’t really think that counts as a spoiler anyway. In fact it didn’t even cross my mind that Ric might not return – like I said at the top of the review, he seems to be suspended fairly regularly 🙂

  7. Tara and Liffey .N.

    I haven’t reviewed your reviews for ages, I do apologise! Anyway, I’m really confused with Lilah- I didn’t mind her, then she seemed quite nice and then I didn’t like her and now I’m not sure again. And she can’t have been in many more than five episodes!

    I don’t think Ric will leave either, his suspensions are normally resolved one way or the other and to be honest, a Holby City series wouldn’t work if he didn’t get suspended or married at least once. Hey, there’s still time for him to fit both a suspension and a marriage in this series!

    Sacha did make me laugh in this episode- I didn’t know karaoke machines and food could make someone so happy… And I do always find it funny when patients ask nurses or doctors out- I’m still not sure why they think they have a chance (apart from Penny’s Steven… was he called Steven? I’m not sure, my memory is pathetic, it might have been Simon. Or Stephen spelt like that. Or Stefan. But I don’t think it was Stefan)

    I have to admit, I’m really looking forward to next week’s episode! And Ianto returns! But he’ll probably disappear back to radiology again 😦 And this was the first Holby city episode our younger sister and brother watched and they enjoyed it! Though I don’t think they had any idea what was happening 😛

    -Tara and Liffey

    • pauseliveaction

      Do you mean Penny’s Scott, the fireman?

      I can imagine your little siblings having no idea what was going on. They’ll get the hang of it if they stick with it! It’s like me and Emmerdale. I only see that when I’m visiting my mum and dad, and they patiently explain who all the characters are and what’s been happening, but by my next visit I’ve forgotten again.

      • Tara and Liffey (on Liffey's email for once!)

        Yep, I meant him but I couldn’t remember his name… I knew it began with an ‘S’!

        I’m sure they will, once I’ve lectured them about each and every character and forced them t watch a few old episodes… Hehe, I’m too mean to them!

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