Holby City news: Stockholm episode will explore Hanssen’s past

jac hanssen holbyExcellent news for fans of Henrik Hanssen (ie everybody). On 8th January there’ll be a special Holby episode set in his native Sweden. Jac Naylor is sent to track down the Swedish Scalpel to discover why he’s blocking funding to the hospital.

In what Justin Young describes as “one of the most ambitious episodes Holby’s ever made,” we’ll get to find out more about Hanssen’s background and his past, why he suddenly went missing and whether he’ll be returning to Holby. An “epic, cinematic” episode is promised, which sounds like it’ll be as good as last year’s lovely visit to Kiev.

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5 responses to “Holby City news: Stockholm episode will explore Hanssen’s past

  1. Corumba Love

    Perhaps Jac will be sporting a dragon tattoo for the trip – she’s already got the bike, leathers and attitude.

  2. I have a strong suspicion Hanssen is not coming back (Jimmy Akingbola seemed to suggest it on his Twitter feed – please God let him be teasing!) I hope to God I’m wrong, but kind of the point of Hanssen has been that he’s a fascinating enigma, and I get the feeling that both Guy Henry and the staff behind the scenes might dilute the sense of mysterious charm behind the character. Again, I hope not!

    Much as I love Guy Henry the actor, I also love Henrik Hanssen the character – he’s the only thing that kept me actively watching Holby since I just sort of stumbled upon it one evening. I regret not having started watching it earlier to have seen more of his wonderfully droll wit, biting intelligence and – ultimately – compassion.

  3. Sue Lightfoot

    Hooray! My heart missed a beat last night when we saw HANSSEN! I HOPE he’s back. He’s my fave.Sorry but Imelda doesn’t work for me. Roll on January.

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