Holby City: You want to cut a piece of my heart out?

(Series 15, ep.8) What a lifetime of suffering poor Aisha Bose had. Leukaemia, heart disease, failed surgery, failed relationship and, worst of all, her whole life being a metaphor and illumination for the problems of Dr Tara Lo. Aisha was brought back to Darwin with an infection, and it wasn’t looking good. The only option was a spot of heart-rearranging surgery that would buy her some time, but Elliott was forced to admit they were now talking about months rather than years.

oli tara holbyShe was obviously upset and angry, and vented her anger on Dr Tara Lo, who was conveniently never more than a metre from her bedside, frowning at her in an upset way. Tara’s attempts at empathy only got Aisha more and more cross, until she realised that Tara was ill herself. This explained why Tara had been so interested to find out how Aisha’s boyfriend had reacted to her illness (badly) – because she’s been grappling with the problem of whether, or when, to tell Oliver. “Tell him,” was Aisha’s advice. Despite a heart-to-heart in the Linden Cullen Memorial Shrubbery (which looks like something whisked up by Ground Force, according to our Inkface), Tara’s default setting is to push people away. It wasn’t until after Aisha had died on the operating table (poignantly, her last words were to tell Oli to look after Tara) and Elliott had sent the emotional Tara to spend the rest of the shift in the wet lab, that Oli finally managed to crack her. “What’s going on in that head of yours?” he demanded, which prompted an ironic smile and the flinging of some brain scan pictures at him. Unlike most men, Oli is now in the privileged position of having seen  exactly what’s going on in his girlfriend’s head, but it wasn’t good news. 

ramona holbyThere was more bad news for Michael, when Annaliese informed him that their mutual children would be spending Christmas skiing in Aspen rather than Holby. Good call, as I’ve heard the skiing in Holby isn’t much cop. Where one door closes, another opens, and he soon found himself invited to spend Christmas with the glorious Ramona, who got to speak Spanish during this episode, which only served to make her seem even more glorious. Serena meddled a bit – she’s not keen on Michael, who is exactly the kind of seat-of-his-pants, only-on-nodding-terms-with-the-rules  type of doctor that makes her go all beady-eyed and spiky.

lilah ric holbyTalking of spiky – that Lilah is a funny one. When she failed to spot that a patient had a hernia (mainly because the patient was a bit cagey about letting a strange woman fiddle with his nether regions), Ric had to mark her assessment as a fail. He wrestled with his conscience about it, what with Lilah being basically a good doctor and with the added complication of their kiss. He even sought advice from wise old Elliott (without mentioning the kiss bit, naturally), who agreed that failing her was the right thing to do. Lilah disagreed and said Ric was punishing her for not going “above and beyond.” She complained to Chantelle, who mentioned it to Imelda, who sympathised. “I had to fend off the attentions of many a rampaging consultant,” she told Lilah. Imelda has been looking for a stick with which to beat Ric since she arrived, and she may just have found it.

Next time: Emotional entanglements for Mo; a strained atmosphere between Ric and Lilah; and Chrissie and Sacha have very different concepts of what makes a perfect Christmas.

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7 responses to “Holby City: You want to cut a piece of my heart out?

  1. I’m still not convinced about Lilah as I wonder if she has a hidden agenda; she seems to be a bit on the sly side and I’ve got a feeling she’s not what she’s meant to be, but I could be wrong!

  2. Martin Rosen

    She probably has a dark secret that will obvioously come out at a later date when the storyline is relevant, eg she abandoned 6 kids as a teenager!!

    Alternatively, she is Henrik’s grandaughter ! BTW Anybody know when / if he is to return?

  3. Els

    I think that the whole telling Oli about the tumore thing could have been done better to be honest- they could have at least talked about it!
    By the way i love your blogs- theyre so funny and really awesome 🙂

  4. Emma

    Anyone else think Ramona looks a bit like Gonzo from the Muppets? or is it just me? And on another note, am I the only one who wants some sort of Jac/Lilah scenes so the redheads can team up? 🙂 Could be epic…

  5. Dreamer

    Stick 2 or more Asians in a room, and it’s a battle of which one of us has eyebrows that look the most evil or are shaped similarly to a chevron type circumflex.

  6. GetTaraBackFromTheDead

    Hi Martin Rosen! I agree the telling of the brain tumour to Oliver could have been better.

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