Casualty: Amanda – an apology

dylan amanda casualty(Series 27, Ep.14)  Okay, so I was wrong. Chirpy dog-rescuer Amanda wasn’t a crazed stalker in a green tabard after all. Turns out she actually was as nice and sunny as she seemed to be. If I was wrong, Dr Dylan Keogh was even more wrong, given that he knows the woman personally and all. He thought he’d caught her out in her creepy, obsessed ways when he discovered a photo of his dog secreted about her trolley. Turned out that Army Dr Sam had given Amanda the photo so she could have it made into a lovely souvenir Dervla mug for Dylan. Amanda was leaving, and she’d had personalised mugs made for all the regular cast members. That’s the kind of person it turns out we were dealing with, and that’ll teach me for jumping to dramatic conclusions.

zoe sam casualtyMeanwhile, there was a new locum in town and it didn’t take Dr Tom Kent long to recognise him. Dr Dominic Carter was someone Tom had had to blow the whistle on at a previous job (I’m assuming this is something that’s been mentioned during the episodes I didn’t watch).  After an incident in which Dominic saved a baby from choking on a chocolate button, everyone thought he was quite a cool guy – especially Dr Zoe Hanna, who has taken rather a shine to him (I’m hoping this is just so Nick Jordan will get all jealous when he gets back). Tom, however, is still suspicious and has resorted to lurking around corners glaring at his former enemy. It’s not easy for a man that tall to lurk, and someone is bound to notice before long. Unlike with Amanda, I think we’re on safer ground assuming this Dr Dominic will eventually be proved to be a bit of a rotter.  

It was the staff Christmas party, which meant unfeasible amounts of tinsel and Big Mac decked in mistletoe. Best not to dwell on that. It turns out that Fletch looks good on the dance floor and when he discovered Tess also enjoyed a bit of the old salsa, he insisted they have a go. Because Tess is utterly devoted to her patients, this had to happen in the hospital rather than at the party, but it was a heartwarming sight that put me in mind of the days when she used to dance with the Tallest And Handsomest Nurse Ever To Work At Holby, the revered (by me) Abs.

This week’s patients included a woman with Downs and her baby who’d both been electrocuted, but it turned out that faulty wiring was the least of their worries as Granny was on a mission to prove they would be best off living with her – by any means necessary (hence the choking hazard chocolate button). And there was someone whose friend accidentally shot him in the femoral artery with a crossbow dart. Ouch. As soon as that crossbow appeared, you knew it couldn’t end well. But no one died, so it was quite a successful shift by Casualty standards.

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One response to “Casualty: Amanda – an apology

  1. Emma

    No, the new doctor’s misgivings weren’t ever mentioned. Expect a lovely elusive month of shifty eyes and jibes, before an almighty reveal over a patient dying of something that Nick Jordan needs to miraculously fix at a party, when a big explosion happens and everyone’s life is in danger, and *runs titles*, and we’re left wondering how many people actually understand what is happening in the episode.
    On another, more understandable, note, *facepalms* Oh, Dylan.

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