Holby City: Cupcakes, kisses and kleptomania

(Series 15, ep.7) It’s always good to start an episode with Jac arriving at work on her motorbike and wearing her leathers. Jonny Mac thought so, too. Particularly as the fact that she’d arrived on the bike suggested she hadn’t spent the night with the oily paediatrician of last week‘s episode. Later she confided to him that the paediatrician had ordered for her in the restaurant they went to. Ouch – schoolboy error, there. Jonny Mac looked amused – and relieved. He loves her to bits and, though I never imagined myself saying this, I’m rooting for the lad. If Jac would only let him, he’d be really good for her. He respects her, but he’s not scared of her. Most importantly, he makes her laugh. She needs a bit of fun in her life to balance out her natural intensity.

She had good reason to be intense this week. Under orders from Imelda to get through her list efficiently and not take on any more cases, she took on another case, and it was a tricky one – Nina, a 15 year old girl with a heart problem, who was pregnant after being raped. Imelda (“She’s like someone who collects cats and pretends they’re real people,” said Oliver, who’s always reliable for an amusing quote) ordered Nina to be transferred to the Mythical St James, but Jac, Jonny and Oli cracked on and operated anyhow. Jac got emotionally involved with this case, possibly partly due to the humanising effect of Jonny on her life but also because it involved a child (two children, including the baby), and Jac’s finer feelings are often stirred by children. She was magnificent, anyway, giving support to Nina and giving her dad a pep talk when he needed it.  

Serena was hoping that Imelda’s arrival would mean she would soon be able to escape from the Hanssen-imposed exile of AAU. Amusingly, it seemed that she and Imelda had already met. Serena couldn’t remember it, but after a bit of a think remembered a former colleague she’d had a lot of fun with when they’d both basically harassed an overweight colleague until she had to leave. Embarrassingly, it turned out she was almost right – “Imelda was the biscuit thief,” Serena explained to Michael after Imelda had pointed out her mistake. “And I terrorised her.”

It’s just as well Serena was warming to life on AAU, because Imelda won’t be inclined to move her any time soon. She had to deal with a kleptomaniac patient who turned out to have an adrenal tumour. “It certainly beats vomiting tramps,” Serena said. AAU was actually quite interesting this week. Ramona was back, and it looks like she and Michael Spence are an item. This could be fun.

On Keller, Lilah had baked cupcakes. Malick was not impressed and neither was I, given that the last cupcake-distributor at Holby was Sahira Shah the Registrah. Lilah bakes when she’s stressed, apparently, and the reason she was stressed was because she had an assessment and she wasn’t feeling confident. Ric Griffin was much more impressed than Malick by her cupcakes, and by Lilah generally. He’s taken her under his wing, and when she failed her assessment he told her she could try again and accompanied her to the lab, where he more or less talked her through it. If this all seemed a bit too hands-on as far as mentoring went, it got worse when they ended up kissing. Uh-oh. That can’t end well.

Next time: Will Tara tell Oli about her brain tumour? And will Lilah tell Imelda about her kiss with Ric?

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11 responses to “Holby City: Cupcakes, kisses and kleptomania

  1. holbylover819

    I was thinking that Ric and Lilah were standing too close together then I thought I was just being paranoid. How did they end up kissing but Jac and Jonny didn’t?

  2. Dreamer

    Haven’t watched the episode yet, but Ric and Lilah kissed? WTF?! Jesus Christ, that is too icky for words.

    As for the girl who got pregnant after being raped, could it also be because Jac was almost raped back then and Lola saved her?

    • pauseliveaction

      Ohhhh yes – well remembered, Dreamer. Re the Ric/Lilah kiss, I read on DS that Justin Young thinks Lilah reminds Ric of Diane Lloyd. It’s true they do look very alike.

  3. Martin Rosen

    Please can the relationship with Jac and Jonny Mac break up. He can tootle back to Scotland, where everybody can understand what he is talking about! I find his accent difficult to hear / understand.

  4. Maria

    I thought the end scene was one of the most incredulous and farcical scenes for a Holby episode in recent years. Were the writers on camoxidan ?.AAU lacks lustre imo,need more Luc and Sacha scenes. Jonny and Jac are kind a nice but if Joseph comes back, it will be no contest for Jonny, its a shame because he is a likeable character.

  5. Morbiddreams

    Imho the plotline of a happy go lucky male nurse romancing a snarky arrogant career obssesed female doctor has already been done on Casualty to such a high degree that the whole Jonny and Jac thing comes accross as a cheap imitation especially since Jonny keeps trying to be Jac’s moral centre.

    He seems to think that Jac can and should try to be a better person which strongly implies he doesnt think she is good as she is whereas Jay loved and accepted everything about Ruth, the bad as well as the good. Joseph accepted Jac as she was. Joseph is her true love and Jonny would work better with Mo but thats just my opinion.

  6. Martin Rosen

    Can someone remind me how Ruth was written out of Casualty (sorry slightly OT !)

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