Casualty: Dylan’s best friend

(Series 27, Ep.13)  There are a lot of people who would say they prefer animals, and specifically dogs, to people. In the case of Dr Dylan Keogh, we can quite believe it. Considering he’s a doctor, he doesn’t seem to like people much at all.

Dylan likes his female company to be faithful, obedient, quiet and have a wet nose and waggy tail. You can see why his marriage to Army Dr Sam didn’t work out. The love of his life is Dervla, who is a dog. This week Dervla went missing and, as a result, so did what was left of Dylan’s bedside manner. This was particularly unhelpful on a day when there were lots of football supporters clogging up the ED (there’d been an incident, but I wasn’t paying attention). Dr Zoe Hanna had to take Dylan aside and have a word with him about going AWOL to look for the dog and being useless when he was there. Charlie also had to have a word, and you know a situation’s serious when Charlie has to get involved.

But had the dog simply disappeared, or had she been “helped” to disappear by Dylan’s admirer, Amanda? By the very fact that she finds Dylan attractive, we have to suspect Amanda’s judgement. (Someone mentioned he’d saved her life, but I didn’t see that episode. That would explain it, though if he’d saved my life I would acquire a bit of post traumatic amnesia and pretend it was Dr Tom Kent who’d saved my life. Just saying). Amanda certainly went out of her way to help find the lost hound – and she succeeded! Man and dog were reunited, but Dylan couldn’t help but think it was all a tad fishy. Tom and Sam thought he was being amusingly paranoid, but what’s the betting Amanda’s bedroom wall is covered in a collage of secretly-taken snapshots of Holby’s grumpiest emergency medic?

Meanwhile, Fletch was having a busy week sorting out everyone’s problems in the usual Holby “maverick” style – ie, the boy done good, but Tess had to give him a little reprimand about the way he done good before she gave him one of her Tess twinkly smiles.

Having just watched the preview clip for the next batch of episodes, I’m beyond excited to see that Nick Jordan is back and it looks like it’s going to be a busy Christmas in Casualty. Hurrah!

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  1. Dreamer

    Damn, the preview looks awesome – excluding the whole Sam/Dylan/Tom thing. Can’t wait!

    Excellent review as always. 🙂

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